Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

With the temperatures soaring in the high 90's, we ventured out to meet some friends today. We met up with my friend Kristi and her kiddos Veda and Fisher. We gathered downtown in the Ped Mall. You guessed it...we played in the fountain! was refreshing. Molli had stayed overnight so we thought it would be fun to do something extra special. Whenever we go to the playground I never let Chloe play in the fountain. I know, I'm mean. But she is never in a swimsuit when we are there. Today Chloe and Molli donned their swimsuits under their clothes and we headed out. Big success. They had a great time. Jocelyn Farrah and Silvie hung out on the sidelines watching and wishing they could join their big sis, cousin and new friend Veda. They flirted a little with the new little man in the group. Fisher sure is a sweetie. Such a beautiful baby boy! Kind of makes me want to try again for that little boy...or maybe not! I'll just admire Kristi's and Molly's sister Sarah's. Some day I will have sons-in-laws. It was great to get out, even in the scorching heat. Great to catch up with Kristi too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Twizzlers and Smiles (picture post)

The Hendricks Girls LOVE LOVE LOVE licorice. Can you tell?

"Save the Tatas"

Okay so I need some input. As many of you know someone very dear to my heart is fighting and winning the battle against Breast Cancer. She is so strong and full of courage. She is halfway through her chemotherapy. Then she will begin radiation. She and some of her cohorts are thinking that even though we are thirty somethings...well most of us anyway...that a bar crawl to celebrate the end of chemo is well deserved. The last 8 weeks and 8 more to go have been pretty rough for her physically and emotionally too. She needs to let loose...relax...let her "hair" down so to speak. What better way...let's get her hammered. Where the "help" part comes in to play...she would like to have t-shirts made to wear on the crawl, and of course to donate proceeds to the breast cancer foundation. Fun huh? She wants to do a top ten list on the shirt. Like, top ten reasons to do a breast exam...sort of thing...So I need some really good ones to relay to her. I know that a lot of you are very witty. I know how creative you are. I know you can come up with some great stuff. So lend a hand, a suggestion...just a plain old reason why you think you should...touch your boobies! She said she thinks the crawl will be called "Save Second Base-Big or Small, we drink for them all". So try to tie the ideas into that...I am counting on your creativity! Post them into the comments on this post. Also, let me know if you are interested in purchasing a shirt to support a great cause.

We miss Daddy

Today is Tuesday. A really good Tuesday. Yes, I am still lucky enough to be hanging on to that yucky cold, but taking otc remedies as well as an antibiotic for the sinus infection part. Matty had a day off today. The first one in...honestly I cannot remember when the last one was. Between the normal 12 hour shifts, the overtime on patrol, the overtime he is helping with in dispatch, overtime for Ragbrai, and the other part time rental company thingy, it has been a LONG couple months missing Daddy. The girls were in their glory today. Even with their running noses. Daddy fed them breakfast and played all morning. Put them down for naps. He helped with lunch...and for the BIG outing tonight...IHOP! Yes, we took the girls out to dinner. Now for all of you that maybe thinking, "Okay, what's the big deal about IHOP?" Have you ever taken 17 month old triplets and a 4 year old out to dinner? I didn't think so. I thought it was fairly successful. I mean, I did spill and entire soda all over the table and floor. Yes me, not the triplets, not Chloe, but Mommy. As Chloe said, "Aces Mommy". The floor was a bit messy when we were finished eating, however, I have seen and cleaned up much worse. I did pick up most of the large droppings and apologised for the mess several times. Besides we left a good tip. Jocelyn, Farrah and Silvie had "pannicakes" fruit and some eggs. Chloe loves the breakfast for dinner as much as Mommy and Daddy do. She had a "pannicake" with a whip cream smiley face. Silvie and Farrah also enjoyed the "crayon appetizer". Why do kids eats crayons? They do not taste good. But every time you give our trio crayons, straight into the mouth. They actually chew them...gross. Matt and I ate so quickly, I forgot what we had. But at least we were all together. Being together is all that really matters. We love it when Daddy's home.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Being sick Stinks

I know...I shouldn't complain...I try not to...however...having a cold, or a "virus" (as the doc called it) really stinks. I have had this yucky CRAP since Friday. Sore throat, fever, cough, running nose, stuffy nose, green stuff, sinus pressure, headache...blah blah blah... I hope it goes away soon, and I really hope the girls don't get it. They all four have the running noses and have been a bit grumpy today, but so far, no fevers. Happy Monday. Here's to good health...yours and mine too.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Time for a larger table

We sat at the table all together last night, well, kind of. The little beauties did. Chloe, Jocelyn, Farrah and Silvie had dinnertime together just like big girls! It was so cute. They all enjoyed sitting around the table together. They did some chatting and laughing. First time in awhile the triplets were not stealing food, biting or hair pulling. It was very nice. They dined on their favorites, mac-n-cheese, cheese dogs, carrots, mandarin oranges, cottage cheese and milk. Hmm, kind of an orange theme I guess.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Little Beauties at the fair

We made a couple trips to the fair this week. Tuesday is "kids day" so we went to see what all the fun was about. We visited the exhibit hall, collected lots of "junk". Chloe and Haley rode on the swings and played a few games. Haley got a tattoo and Chloe had to be rescued by a "carnie" at the top of the big slide. She would NOT slide down! She was so scared, poor thing! They wouldn't let me go up after her. So the "carnie" went up to help her slide down. Not sure how I felt about that really. Personally I would have rather slide down and be a bit frightened then slide down with a "carnie". Ice cream afterwards made everything all better and we went to visit all the animals. Chloe "milked" a cow, she wasn't sure she liked it. Can't blame her I am a city girl too. Leave the "farm work" to the farmers I say. One of the calves got a bit too close to Jocelyn, which she made sure she let everyone know that she did not screaming as loud as she could. We saw sheep, and cows and some rabbits. Chloe said her favorite part of the fair was the giant swing ride. She went on it 4 times! Once with Haley and she suckered Papa Steve into it 3 times. Papa loved it! Farrah's favorite part was picking a duckie for a prize, Jocelyn likes the bunnies the best, and Silvie just liked it all...except when strangers came up and tried to touch her...she really doesn't like that! We saw some old friends and even got tattooed! All in all, the fair was good. Maybe next year we will attempt the State Fair...or maybe not.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Laila!

Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday little Laila!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
We love you sweetie!

We hope you have a super fun day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Baby be Blessed" Lovies

Here are the little beauties cuddling their new dollies. They just LOVE them. They even know which one is their own and which ones is each of their sisters. It is so precious. Jocelyn will go and get all of them from the cribs and distribute them to each of her sisters. Even Chloe girl. Smart as a whip I tell you. Tina, we LOVE them. You can expect to hear from us again! We will spread the word about "Baby be Blessed". Thank you for touching our hearts.

Let's Hula

It was a "HULA" party for Laila's 1st Birthday. There were plenty of smiles and fun! Here are a few photos of the "birthday girl" enjoying her chocolate cake! MMMMM is for messy! There is also a new couple in the mix...Zach and Jocelyn were flirting it up. Sharing the bowl of "chippies." Chloe and Jake were side by side too. (I am going to get into that Brown family somehow.) Hee hee.

m is for messy

Matt and I took the girls to the Farmers Market this week. They loved it. Especially Chloe. She really enjoyed walking for tent to tent to see what they people were selling. She picked a hand made Hannah Montana charm bracelet. Yes...they even sell those at the Farmers Market. We picked out some yummy tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. Daddy chose some Iowa chops and home-made strawberry jam. Jocelyn, Farrah and Silvie picked black raspberries. Yep add another fruit to the l-o-n-g list of fruit they like. Actually they LOVED them as you can tell by the photos. They could not get them into their mouths fast enough! They were a Mess. Capital M. Chloe didn't try them. But I will saw she has tried peas and blueberries this week. Of course she liked neither. Oh well at least she tried them, right? I think the Farmers Market will be a new frequently visited venue for us. We all enjoyed the picks!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

She doesn't need me anymore

She doesn't need me anymore. I am to be forgotten. Set aside. Thrown away. Used. She loved me for so long. Took such good care of me. Always knew where I was. I stood by her side. Through good days and bad days and every single night. Oh how she loved me. But she is a big girl now. She needs me no more. She can do things without me. I will let her grow. Let her move on. Let her live life as a "big girl". I am proud of her too!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Shots Hurt

Chloe had her 4 year "well check" yesterday. She is doing fabulous, all but the 5 shots she received! Lucky her huh? She is growing right up. Weighing in at 34 lbs and 41.5 inches tall! She also has 20/20 vision! Yea Chloe Girl! The doctors were pleased and said everything looked great. We had to laugh though...the resident that saw Chloe first, came in and went through a list of questions. Things about family life, activities, meal time, etc. She asked if we felt stressed...duh! We are parents! Aren't all parents stressed? She asked "if we had guns in our home?" Actually, let me back up, Matt met us at the appointment, he came from work, in full uniform, yes, gun on hip and all, badge, gun belt, green and tan uniform. So she says, "do you have guns are home?" Matt says, "Yes". She asks "are they are locked up?" Matt says "yes, of course". Then she asks Matt, "What do you do for a living?" Um, yeah, you're going to examine our child? He is dressed in a full uniform! How many dumb questions in a row can you ask before we question your competence? I seriously wanted to look at her and say "he's a stripper! Those pants are Velcro!" But I didn't. Matt replied with, "I am a Police Officer." She still didn't get it. We were able to talk with Chloe's doctor after the resident was finished with her series of questions. After 2 plus hours there, the nurses came in with the needles. She had 5 total. 3 in one leg 2 in the other. I learned yesterday that Chloe is a very strong 4 year old! Poor least she will not have to have any before she starts school next year!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Washington County Fair

The girls were in a Triplet/Twins contest tonight at the Washington County Fair. There were over 50 sets of twins! Ages 2 months to 69 years. There were 7 sets of triplets. Ages 16 months to 19 years. They judges on several different categories, youngest/oldest, tallest/shortest, minutes apart at birth, looked most/least alike. I know they were the most adorable/cutest set there. But they didn't judge that. Hee hee. The girls were the youngest set of triplets! The were awarded $15.00 and a blue ribbon! It was fun! We met a couple other sets of triplets that live sort of close to us. There were even 2 sets of twin calves in the contest. Cute.
The girls had the most fun looking at all the animals after the contest. They LOVE animals. Silvie said MOO tonight! They were fascinated with the roosters and the sheep! They cannot wait until the Johnson County Fair next week, maybe we will see you there.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A night out

It was a night out to celebrate. Happy Birthday to Molly and a visit with good friends. Molly and Clint, Jennifer and Brad, Tom and Sue, Matt and I. We started with dinner at a new dig called Blackstone. I think it is a new favorite. From there we headed to Joe's Place. Wow, that place has changed a bit in the last few years. I remember it as kind of a mellow hangout, not so much these days. The beers were cold and the conversation was Great! Heather was even "there" via text message. Heather we are going to plan a girls trip to Cali! The adult only time was fabulous. Excited for the next time already. Surprisingly...not even a headache this morning.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie Molly

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Auntie Molly
Happy Birthday to You!

We love you so much and hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Here's to many more wonderful memories, many more fun filled years, and FABULOUS YOU!