Monday, March 30, 2009

Good to be an American Girl

Can you tell she is excited?

Posing with their new bags.

Learning to curtsy

Julie model and doll

Kit model and doll
Kiya model and doll

Chloe and Molli getting ready for the show

Chloe and her doll Clara

Chloe attended her very first fashion show this past weekend. The American Girl Company and the Iowa Children's Museum put on a fashion show for little girls and their dollies. It was so much fun. Chloe and I went with Gramma Pam and Mollimarie. It was two hours of fashion, new styles and old. Chloe was so excited to see the little girls walking the run way with their dolls. They went through the history of each American Girl doll. All about the time in history she represents. Chloe keeps telling me all about the different things she learned about each doll. Her favorites are Kiya, the American Indian doll, Kit, from the 1950's (I think) and Julie, from the 1970's. She picked out a new wardrobe for Clara and especially wants the roller skate outfit. Of course Clara wants to be a Derby girl too! Chloe and Molli also learned about good table manners, how to take tea, and about also about making everyone feel welcome and special. They stressed the importance friendship and talked about making others feel welcome and involved. It was a big success. I really like the American Girl Company and how they strive towards empowering little girls, teaching them values that will help them to become empowered young women. The dolls are beautiful too. A bit expensive, but beautiful nonetheless.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Milk Painting

The Little Beauties have a new favorite hobby...milk read correctly. They paint things with their fingers and their milk. Yucky. I began noticing there were more streaks than normal in all of the glass. Especially the front window and the sliding back door, oh and the TV screens. Hmmm. Little fingers leave lots of prints at our house. But these somehow seemed a it different. I continued to clean the glass every few days. Yesterday, I realized what was making this extraordinary artwork. Milk painting...they take a drink from their sippy cups and then walk to the window, liquid in check, and spit it on the glass, then they rub it into beautiful shapes and designs. Can I say, "where did they learn this? Not to mention GROSS." Although I think it is nasty, the Beauties find it super comical. They laugh and giggle so hard it almost makes it cute. Almost.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prayers for Little Stellan

Many of you who read my blogs know about MckMommy and her family. Baby Stellan is in the hospital and needs many prayers. Please pray for his health and for this family. I cannot imagine being faced with what this family is going through. There are so many unknowns with his condition at this time. All we know is tat God has his handon Baby Stellan. Keep them close to your hearts.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sand, Pinecones and Stray Cats

Sand...not tasting it today...always a good start.

Our "treasures" we found on our walk today. I giggle every time the Beauties say "pine cones" There are only three because Chloe is at Grammy and Papa's today. It just isn't the same without her here, especially when we go on treasure hunt walks. She always finds the best "treasures."
Farrah in the rock bed.

Silvie just being cute.

We have a rock bed around our house in the back. The fascination began with Chloe. She loved the rocks in in. Every time we played outside she would pick a special one from the bed and put it in the flower bed. She still does it. The littlest Beauties have also taken a liking to the rock bed. They love exploring all of the different types of rocks. They haven't even started throwing them yet...I said yet.
Climbing up the hill looking for treasures to put in their buckets. They should be all ready to hunt Easter eggs next month.

This is the "evil" stray kitty that runs around our house. Scary isn't he? I don't think he is really a stray, as he seems well fed, he is clean, he is friendly and he is wearing a collar. He likes to hangout with Scooby. I think they "tear" up the neighborhood at night prowling together. The Beauties have seen him before, from the inside, looking out. They always say "kitty, kitty" and make a big deal about him. Today while on the robin/treasure hunt (you can read about the robin hunt at Adventures of Sugar Mommy) they noticed the "evil" kitty in the neighbors yard. They watched it for a minute, made sure that I knew that the kitty was there and then went back to "bird watching". A few moments later the kitty decided the grass looked greener on our side of the fence...holy terror broke loose! The Beauties scattered screaming in ever living panic! Tears...Screams...The neighbors came to fence to see if they were okay...I chased the "evil" kitty out of the yard and the terror subsided. With tear streaked cheek's, all three chimed in "kitty bite, kitty bite, kitty bite, kitty bite!" I assured them the kitty would not bite them, that he didn't look hungry, however I am not sure they believed me. They kept one eye on the fence line to be sure that "evil" kitty did not return to our yard.

Here they are looking at the "evil" kitty before it jumped the fence.

Silvie spots the "birdie"

Farrah making sandcakes

The Little Beauties and their Sugar Mommy love being outside. We are so happy to say Spring in officially her and we missed her.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring

Chloe giving Jocelyn a push in the swing. Jocelyn loves to swing. I think she would swing all day if someone would keep giving her pushes. Chloe was trying to explain to her how to pump her legs. It was really cute.

Jocelyn off the swing, but only for a moment. She stole a ride on Big Sissy's bike. Big Sissy was not very happy about this. She is not really into sharing her big sister things these days.

Chloe posing for Mommy. She loves to swing too! She can get herself going really high! She practices a lot at school. You can almost always find her on the swings.

Silvie playing with the soccer ball. She was having so much fun throwing it. I do believe that is an illegal move in soccer, however, she was having so much fun, I think I will teach her the rules of the game another day.

Jocelyn swinging again. I told you the girl loved to swing.

Silvie and Chloe playing a hands on game of soccer. It appears I need to teach Chloe the rules of soccer too.

Farrah and Silvie getting ready to make a goal. Again hands on.

Farrah says, "oooh Mommy look, I unzipped my coat again!" This was Farrah's favorite game today. She would look to see if I was watching,if I was looking away she would unzip it and then come running at me with this face saying "ooooh" I lost count somewhere around fifty times.

Mommy's little diva. Chloe always posing for the camera! She was ready for the shot.

Farrah looking cute. (She switched coats with Jocelyn.)

Silvie swinging and loving it.

Silvie swinging again. (and yes she switched coats with Farrah this time.)
The Little Beauties loved their afternoon in the backyard.
We raked some leaves. Chased some robins and even spotted a woodpecker in the neighbors tree. They played musical coats a few times, and of course had to have a taste of sand (yucky). It was a fun filled afternoon.

40 Little Piggies

Chloe had a special request this morning. "Momma, will you polish my nails today, pretty please? My paint is really really chipped." She was right. Not an understatement. How could I deny that sweet request? Especially when it was topped with a pretty please? I am a sucker, couldn't. After breakfast I sat her up in the recliner, not quite "mall spa pedi style" but hey, at least I was speaking English the entire time. Oh, and not to mention I know that it is sanitary. Chloe was still as a rock (right) and the triplets were fascinated. I decided to be daring and polish their toes too. When Chloe was little I used to polish hers every once in a while. She would sit ever so patiently in my lap while I blew them dry. The triplets were a bit different. They loved the bright pink polish and wanted to touch it as soon as the first toe was done. I sat them each in the new camping chairs and they did sit still for a couple minutes. I kept telling them, "do like Sissy, sit still with your toes up like Sissy." Right. The littlest beauties don't really sit still, but they did try. They turned out pretty cute. They are VERY proud of their polished tootsies! Just ask them...they will show ya!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Sure oatmeal is healthful. It's good for your heart. Good for your waistline. Good for you cardiovascular system. It ever lowers your cholesterol! But if you ask the Little Beauties..."It's Nummers! It's Yummers and it's fun Momma!" Hey that's good enough for Sugar Mommy. Enough said. Oatmeal, it's what's for breakfast.

Beautiful Buggy Birthday

Let the party begin

The "Bugly" cake

Daddy and Jocelyn
Gamma Val and Farrah

Grammy Pam and Silvie

Silvie and licorice

The Beauties and their new babies

The "Bugly" cake side view

The perfect wrapping paper for my monkeys
Thinking of their wishes
Jocelyn, Farrah and Silvie

Jocelyn, Farrah and Silvie
Getting ready to blow out the candles



It was a "Bugly" themed party for the triplet beauties 2ND birthday. Caterpillars, ladybugs and bumblebees. The beauties loved munching away on the frosting filled yummies. They even attempted to blow out their candles this year. Daddy and Big Sissy helped a little bit. The loved the cake made by Auntie Dee of course (who doesn't love Aunt Deanna's cake) they even wanted more! They opened gifts like little pros. It took them a little while to get warmed up for the party though. They actually took a nap on party day. The first time they napped all week! When they woke up from sleepy time almost all of the party guests were here. This is a bit out of the norm for them to have a house full of company when they wake up. Usually it is just Mommy and Daddy and Chloe. So to say the least they were a bit on the shy side for a bit. But they warmed up for the most part.
They loved their new matchbox cars and track and their bitty babys. We have another free year of play at the Children's Museum. They got toddler beds and new toy boxes. They even got their own singing Hannah Barbies, so they can sop stealing their Big Sissy's and some new tunes to dance to and a canopy to play with outside. They made out pretty well I'd say. It was a great party. It still cannot believe that they are two already!