Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dig it Move it Do it

Chloe sporting her builder hat.

The triplets holding their hats.

Silvie enjoying some popcorn.

Silvie of course wanted the alligator. No contest there.
Unfortunately...he popped not long after we got him. It was sad, she was heart broken.

Jocelyn giving smooches to her penguin balloon.

Farrah checking out her balloon ladybug.

Chloe and her balloon flower corsage.

Silvie and Farrah decorating their stepping stones.

Chloe making her beautiful creation.

Farrah getting things just right.

Jocelyn concentrating.

Chloe and Farrah riding the tractor.

The triplets refused to push the wheel barrow, however, they washed every piece of corn off with their germ wipes.

Farrah giving Daddy some lovins.

We had a fun morning of creativity at Move It...Dig It...Do It.
The girls made stepping stones, glue pictures, played bingo, received balloon animals, and played in a pool of corn. Little hands were busy. Chloe even pooper scooped fake poo...gross. However this one was a big hit with all the kids her age and older.
They even got to see a baby pony and some little donkeys.
Thanks for taking us Papa!
Looking forward to doing it again next year.

Camping anyone?

No marshmallows needed.
BYOP (bring your own paci)

Farrah already laying down.

Sorry better just lay down and sleep.

Silvie not sure how she feels.

The crib tents arrived today.
We didn't wait to assemble them.
They are up and secure.
Nap escapes...mission complete.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crib tents are in the mail

The Beauties screaming for Mommy.

After the closet was "cleaned" out.

Watching Blue while Mommy reassembled their cribs.

I sure hope they arrive soon. Really soon. The day was like all the rest this week. No naps for the little beauties. They spent nap time climbing out of their cribs...over and over and over again. I must have put them back in the better part of thirty times today. Enough was enough. I decided to night to complete assembly on the third toddler bed, and take the cribs apart. Things went fairly well. They seemed VERY excited about the cribs being "broke" and the new beds being made and put into their respective places in their room. When it came time for bed I took them to their room and attempted to put them in the beds, I assumed it would be a beauty party for a while, but never expected it to turn out the way it did...
Screaming times three...for tow hours times three. I did the whole sleep training bit...yeah, that doesn't work with triplets, I don't care what the experts say. After the screaming and pounding on the door settled, they removed EVERYTHING from the closet. Scattered clothing everywhere. Oh well, was my response. They will sleep...they have to sleep. WRONG-O...
I took them into Chloe's room, turned on Blue's Clues and decided that my Beauties are not ready to be in big girl beds yet...and neither am I. I removed the beds and began reassembling the by one until all three were back in place. Under forty minutes. I am an expert at cribs now...not a goal I always dreamed of, but, if you are preggo and need help with your me I can help...for a large fee of course. It is now just before midnight and all three are asleep in their beloved cribs. The crib tents better come with cryptonite locks, they should as much as they cost. Lesson learned...the Beauties are not ready to sleep in big girl beds yet.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana and Great Grandma

Happy Birthday to two of the Little Beauties Great Grandmothers today!
My Grandma Reta and Matt's Grandma Doloras.
Happy Birthday to you both.
We love you!

Matt's Grandma lives in Dubuque so we were unable to see her today. Her party is this weekend, we are going to try to go.
We did get to have dinner with Nana tonight, along with Gram and Papa and Molli.
It was nice to see her.
The Beauties had a great time playing outside in the leaves (yes they are falling already.)

Jocelyn <3 Football

I watch the game? Is the game on? I watch football.
These are the most common words out of Jocelyn.
She is addicted to football.
She got a taste of it on Saturday watching the Hawks. She continued to watch other games after it was over. For the last two days she has flipped through the channels searching endlessly for a game. She loves football. She sits in a trance and watches. If one of her sister changes the channel or turns off tv, she goes into major meltdown. This morning I went in their room, and the first thing out of her mouth was "Mommy, watch the game?" When I told her that football wasn't on, she stood determined at the tv to find the game, and low and behold...found one. She looked at me and said "Mommy, yes game IS on."
Daddy is in heaven.

Big Girl Beds

Today Daddy decided it was time to put together the big girls beds. The little Beauties have decided to make it a daily thing to climb out of their cribs. They crawl out EVERY time they are put in. They then climb the dresser, empty drawers and well...not sleep. I voiced my concern that one of them could fall and get hurt. After Jocelyn was busted during nap time sitting in the top drawer, we decided it was time to take the cribs out of the room was drawing near.
They had a great time "helping" Daddy assemble the bed. Daddy would not agree that they were great helpers. That being said, we have two of three together. Tonight may be the last night in the cribs. We will see. I don't look for this to be an easy transfer from crib to bed. I will say they love to jump on beds. It will be interesting that is for sure.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Mommies

The Beauties have become pros at being little Mommies, by watching.
Silvie changed Farrah's diaper today.
I walked out of the kitchen (couldn't get the camera fast enough) and found Farrah laying on the floor, Silvie sitting in Mommy stance putting a fresh diaper under Farrah's bottom and fastening the tapes.
It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Congratulations Rachel and Mackenzie

Chloe and Jocelyn walking the aisle.

Watching patiently for the ceremony to begin.

Farrah playing with the rose petals.

Silvie blowing bubbles.

Papa helping Jocelyn blow bubbles. Papa is a professional bubble blower.

Grammy gives me pop...and I really like it.

Chloe while she was supposed to be eating.

Pretty Chloe.

The girls couldn't wait to dance. They were dancing in the corner while dinner was being served to the guests. They were getting down to the dinner music.

Jocelyn getting down to business removing her shoes. They must have been too restricting to her dance moves.

Chloe hanging with the flower girls.

Silvie sipping sparking juice. She did actually have a taste of the real accident of course. She didn't like the real stuff as well...that is a good thing.

Papa and Grammy dancing with all of their granddaughters.

Farrah dancing.

Silvie dancing.

Jocelyn dancing.

The Beauties and Mommy went to their first lesbian wedding last weekend.
Some close friends of my brother and Deanna's, Rachel and Mackenzie made it official. They are fabulous girls who have been together a long time. Since Iowa legalized gay marriage, they decided it was time to have a celebration.
We had such a wonderful time.
We joined Papa and Grammy headed to Kent Park for the outdoor ceremony. Uncle Chad and Mollimarie were in the wedding and Dee was their unofficial wedding planner. The weather was gorgeous. A perfect day for a wedding.
Following the ceremony we headed to the reception, at a local hotel. The Beauties enjoyed dancing the night away.
Congratulations Rachel and Mackenzie!
To many yeas of wedded bliss.