Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Card Flunkies

I would like to begin by saying...I WILL send out holiday cards...I promise. They maybe Valentines. I didn't say which holiday, right?
The girls and I tried to make cards with our family Santa picture. We bought the disc instead of prints, that way we could make our own pictures and cards with it. Well, that's what we thought. The good news is the Santa picture was very cute. The bad news, the file is too big and will not upload to make the cards.
So, long story short, yesterday the girls were finally all snot free, and in fairly good moods. I broke out the chocolate covered pretzels (as bribery) and starting catching shots. Silvie would not get in the picture if she couldn't sit in the doll chair in the picture. Jocelyn has started making silly faces in all pictures. Farrah likes to put her hands in her mouth. Jocelyn was picking her nose in one. (we will send that one to Gama Val) They were all saying Ho Ho Ho in several. Of course we had some serious silliness, and yes I did have to break out the bribery...so there are also photos with the chocolate pretzels. It was an interested photo shoot. We had some fun, some giggles and a few tears. But in the end...I think I have one for the holiday cards.

Sneaky pays off

I have started giving baths in twos now. The triplets LOVE taking a bath with big sissy. Most often Farrah is the lucky one who gets to go with Chloe. Chloe always picks her. Last night Jocelyn and Silvie went first. Chloe and Jocelyn second. While dressing Jocelyn and Silvie there was giggles and slashing as always. When I walked in...this is what I saw...So sweet. Priceless Memories. Chloe washing Farrah's hair. So gentle, so loving.
I often sneak up on the girls with camera in hand...I almost always catch a good shot. I have missed too many by not having it in my hand, so it is ALWAYS ready. So glad I caught this one.

My Little Star

House made of sweets

Sweets...right up the Little Beauties alley. We had a busy Sunday doing some last minute shopping, gift wrapping, and we even tried our hand at holiday "baking." Okay, I guess you really cannot call it baking...Chloe and I made a gingerbread house. The house was assembled in the box...but we did decorate it! I must say that Chloe did a most wonderful job! The icing was a bit thin and running everywhere, but eventually we figured it all out. The end result, a House made of sweets.
We also dipped pretzels for the first time. Chloe and I decided
the triplets should help. They helped all right. Helped make a big ole mess. Oh well it was priceless to watch them dip the pretzels. lick the chocolate off and then re-dip the pretzels, lick the chocolate off and re-dip the pretzels again.
Don't worry if we delivered some to your house, I made sure to use fresh chocolate and dry pretzels for your treat.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Break


Today marked the last day of school in 2009. Winter Break. I loved Winter Break. My sweet Chloe does NOT share that love with me. After school yesterday, we were talking about Christmas and how today was going to be the last day until after New Years. During said conversation, she says "How long am I not going to be at school?" I told her that she goes back on January 4th. She then burst into tears. She was so upset that she was not going to be back to school for "so many" days. She continues crying saying that she will miss her teacher so much. It make my heart hurt. On one hand, I am so glad that she loves school so much, and her teacher is wonderful. But on the other hand, it makes me a little teary that she is not at all excited about being at home for a few weeks with Mommy and her Sissys.

Her Holiday Party was at 2 bells today. I signed up to be a helper. It was so much fun to be there and watch her in action. Learning, listening, interacting. The kids in her class love her. They had snacks, played a letter/sounds game and danced to some "Animal Action." It was also "Pajama Day." It was so entertaining to watch all the kids run around in their jammies dancing and singing. I wish I could hang out as a fly on the wall and watch her all the time.
When the bell rang, she all of the sudden was very quiet. I knelt down and asked her if she was okay...and she burst into tears again. So upset that she would not be at school for "so long." Miss C. came over and gave her a BIG hug and told her not to be sad. She said Winter Break was gonna be so much fun. She was good with that, for now. I also promised her we would try to go sledding everyday. I am mentally preparing for that part of break.


We have LOTS of security items at our house. We call them "loveys". I think it is safe to say...it is out of control.

There are blankets and fifis (pacifiers), stuffed animals and baby dolls. The triplets have taken "loveys" to a new level.
Here is a rundown...

Jocelyn: Pingo baby and mama (stuffed penguins), "Pollie" (stuffed polar bear) and three blankets, which are put on her in a certain order.
Farrah: Four "baby Janes" (Bitty Babys. Hers and all three of her sisters they sleep at her feet), three stuffed monkeys, a naked Barbie, a hard plastic horse (for Barbie) a reindeer ornament (it's legs, tail, antlers and ears are broken off from being dropped) they all sleep next to her, heads on her pillow and five blankets, four for her and one for the baby janes.
Silvie: Two stuffed white tigers, a small tiger, twelve sheets of paper with alligators drawn on them, "Fiona" pez dispenser, Red Nosed Reindeer book, alligator squishy times two, three Santa ornaments all of which are ON her pillow and six blankets, one covering all of her "loveys" and five for her. Oh, and Silvie's blankets have to go in a specific order, NO EXCEPTIONS.
The bedtime routine makes me very tired...and they will NOT sleep until everything is in "it's" place.


You know that old saying that girls never go to the bathroom alone...

It's true in our house.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Favorites

Ahh...the holidays are here. I am so excited about Christmas this year! They Beauties are loving everything to do with Christmas. The lights, baby Jesus, the trees, Santa, elves, candy canes...everything.
They have a new favorite too. The Polar Express. They love it and watch it over and over if you let them. They know all of the scenes and tell you what will happen before it does. It makes me smile as it was Chloe's favorite movie for a long long time. She also watched it over and over. Matt can be standing in another room and repeat lines in the movie with the characters. Funny. The Beauties love it when Daddy sings Hot Chocolate and says "All Aboard!"
On the holiday note...I think it will be Happy New Year cards from the Beauties this year. If you normally receive one and have not...it's because I have not had time to get things together. Mainly I do not have a picture of all four of them together that I can use on a card, and as you know...I take a lot of pictures. They will be out before Valentine's Day. I promise.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa is watching you

Matt and I took the Beauties to see Santa. We were very interested in how the triplets would react to the man in the red suit. We had been at the mall early last week and when we walked past him, they all put their heads down in their hands and would not even look in his direction. Whenever Santa was mentioned, it was met quickly with an "I no like him. I no like Santa." After some convincing on my part, Matt's part, and Gramma Pam's part, we finally got them to say, "I like him. He's nice." So of course we had to give it a try. We went to the first mall, and wouldn't you know it...Santa is only there on weekends. So then we loaded back up and drove to the other mall. Luckily he was working at that mall instead. Wink. We walked up and got into line. It was bring your pet night, so there were plenty of K9 critters to keep them occupied while waiting. As we wrapped around the line, Silvie was getting nervous and started the "I no like him" again. It was our turn, Chloe walked right up and sat down on Santa's lap. This was really the first year she was not gun shy. The triplets were not going anywhere near that jolly dude. We decided a family photos with Santa to be the only option. Farrah cried a lot. She would not even look at the camera. But Daddy got her to look up just enough to see her face in the photo. After the snapshot was taken, Santa and Chloe talked about what she wanted. She told him Moxie girls and Barbies (of course) and Santa told her he was going to bring her some teeth. She thought that was pretty funny. Then it was Silvie's turn. She looked up at him and you could just see the nervousness build in her. But she told him what she wanted. "A pink box. With a cherry." He also told her Farrah wanted one too. Jocelyn took her turn although she was much more reserved than Sil. She told Santa she wanted a "Purple box. With a cherry." Santa said he would do his best. I was so impressed! Three out of four talked to him. That has to be a record. Silvie is still walking around talking about Santa. She also now says he is nice and that she likes him, Jocelyn agrees. Farrah on the other hand, still does not like him. Chloe just can't wait until Christmas!


I think the Beauties all look like little Pixie Fairies. So sweet. Everyone used to tell us Chloe looked like a Pixie. I think it is safe to say her baby sisters have continued the Pixie look on.