Sunday, May 5, 2013

A day in early May

Happy Easter 2013

 Eggs have been hunted

Rainbow Eggs


Everyone is on a soft diet around our house.  Not to mention the poor Tooth Fairy is going BROKE.
Seems like every other day someone loses another tooth.  We have even had double visits in one night.  Not to mention the Tooth Fairy AND the Easter Bunny the same night for Farrah.  She actually held that wiggly thing in there two extra days just so they could both come the same day.
No whistling this summer.


 Our BIG boy
 His favorite place to sit. 

Go Bye Bye?

What's a car ride without a BIG dog in the front seat?
Linus loves to go in the van, and he does ever chance he gets.

Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday to Daddy
His beauties have him wrapped around their little fingers
and they are wrapped around his heart.
March 15th, 2013

Three to the Six

Can you even believe these three turned 6?
I still have to look at them to believe they aren't tiny babies.
 Jocelyn and her best buddy Gracyn
 Silvie and Aly
 Farrah showing everyone how it is done.
 Smiling Silvie

 Farrah and her buddy Ben
 Chloe and her bestie Olivia
 The party crew

Since we partied on St Patrick's Day we had to be covered in GREEN

Happy Birthday Chloe

Chloe had an overnight swimming party this year to celebrate number 9.
We have lots of girls and lots of fun!
Chloe and her bestie since birth...Olivia

Of course we had a little celebration at home too...
Linus brought the party favors.
 The crew at their finest!
 Great Gramma and Great Papa with Jocelyn.
Silvie and Papa Steve
 Make a wish...
Or a silly face...

 Sweeti Lil Farrah