Monday, August 24, 2009

Tricycles and cars

Stay off the roads...or at least the sidewalks!
The Beauties were hitting it hard on the vehicles yesterday.

Don't go too fast please!

Molli taking Silvie for a ride in the jeep.

Thank goodness we have a few years before this one gets to drive a real car. I can already see her picking up boys!

Look out!


Grammy Pam and Papa Steve just got a new camper. The Beauties had a great time in it, even though it was parked in the driveway. They were into everything, but especially liked the bunk beds. They will be experiencing there first overnight camping trip Labor Day weekend.

Hair "dids"

The Beauties love to have their "hair dids." This is what they call it. They are constantly bringing me sponge rollers, barrettes and "ponies" to have placed in their golden locks. They more things you can get into their hair, the better. They have a fascination with all things girly right now.

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's "potty" time

We are in full swing and hitting the potty chairs hard. It is going very well. Farrah is the big winner thus far. She goes over to the potty chair and pulls down her big girl panties all on her own. As I was typing the beginnings of the post...Silvie made a stinker on the potty. Without saying anything to Mommy. She just did it! Then came and took my hand, led me to the potty and said "look Momma!" I think the Beauties may be more ready than Mommy. Even though the money we spend on diapers would be better used elsewhere...these are my babies!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am in Kindergarten

Sponge rollers...I still remember when my Mommy did this the eve of the first day of school.
Of course we had to carry on the tradition.

Dinosaur shaped peanut butter sammy.

Fruit loops...the breakfast of little champions.

My beautiful Chloe.

Align Center
Chloe's favorite "sassy" pose. She has it mastered.

Kindergarten. It's here. I cannot believe it. I seriously feel like it is too soon. It seems like yesterday she was a tiny baby. My tiny baby. Why does time have to move so fast? You blink and you miss it.
The big day was today. Chloe did so well. She was very excited and only slightly nervous.
She woke at 7:15 and asked..."Is it school time already?" Then she added she was still tired. Mommy's girl there.
She woke up quickly had breakfast and brushed her teeth. She got all dressed up and was ready to go.
Mommy had to sneak in a photo shoot...which she seemed to not really mind.
She looked beautiful!
The day went well. She said her favorite part was lunch and recess.
Daddy's girl there.
She even said tonight she was excited to go back, even though she missed me today.
Mommy only shed "a few" tears this morning after leaving. I couldn't help it. She is my baby!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Adventure

Farrah and Silvie watching a bird play peek-a-boo.

We found Nemo.

Although this photo doesn't seem all that interesting. There is a story.
You know that "lizzy" that Silvie carries with her everywhere?
Well...she put him in the tank for a "swim." Luckily...Daddy caught her in the action just in time. I cannot imagine what may have happened if her lizard lovey would have been fed to the giant fish in this tank. Thank goodness for miracles.

Red Panda. Chloe said he is smiling at us.

On the swing bridge...again...

"Hawkeye" froggy.

Jocelyn pointing out some of the things were are going to see today.

Silvie being cute.

Chloe posing with the alligators.

Chloe and Jocelyn with the Jellies.

Baby seahorse. They were so small.

Jocelyn's bullfroggy.


The Beauties posing with Daddy.

Chloe running the foot bridge.

Silvie on the bridge.

Farrah walking on the swing bridge. This was a favorite.
However, Jocelyn would not get on it. cream+triplets=problem solved

Farrah fell asleep eating her ice cream.

Triple the curiosity.

"Tree hugger."

"The Pengos!"

The Beauties love love love the penguins.

Tired lion.

Tired lioness.

"I like to move it move it." Chloe said that's what the lemurs in Madagascar sing.

Chloe feeding the "biting" goats.

Chloe feeding "her" giraffe.

Farrah not sure she wants to feed "her" giraffe.

These were our favorite two giraffes. They loved us.

Jocelyn feeds "her" giraffe. Holding tightly to Daddy the entire time.

Silvie smiling from ear to ear getting ready to feed "her" giraffe.

Look at that tongue.

Farrah feeds "her" giraffe.
The Giraffe feeding was the most favorite of the day.
We bought giraffe crackers and each of the Beauties took turns feeding the giraffes. They all thought it was super fun and they loved their long purple tongues.

Chloe and her giraffe. She said her tongue felt like sandpaper.

Chloe was eaten by a dinosaur.

The hungry koi...they just kept eating.

Chloe training the otter.

We couldn't let summer escape without one more try at a great family outing. So we packed up and headed for Des Moines this morning. Destination...Blank Park Zoo.
We arrived late morning and the Beauties were ready to see some animals.
The zoo was a wonderful choice. The crowd was pretty small and the people were super friendly. We knew it would be a great day.
First stop the otters. The Beauties watched and giggled as they swam in their pool.
Next the giant tortoises...I mean giant! They were huge. We also saw flamingos, lions, a tiger, camels, koi, sea lions, red pandas, bats, a snake, a scorpion, frogs, seahorses, birds and of course Jocelyn's beloved penguins, among several other types of zoo dwellers. Chloe fed some hungry goats, which the triplets wanted nothing to do with. They kept saying, "goats bite."
It was a great day. Matt and I are so glad we decided to try the adventure thing again.
What a great end to the summer of 2009.