Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Beauties enjoy a Fall day

After a l-o-n-g morning of still running noses and short tempers, we picked Chloe up from school and headed to the park. Fall is here...YEAH...my favorite time of the year! I wish it was like this all year long. I love the cool air and the warm sun. Wearing long sleeves and hats. The Little Beauties had a great time running free at the park. Yea...I felt daring I guess. We were at the park for almost a full hour with no one else around. They enjoyed climbing and sliding and swinging...the most favorite of all four. After about an hour and ten minutes some other park patrons arrived and the beauties started going in four different directions. Mommy was alone and can not go four different ways (three is my maximum)...so after about ten more minutes, we packed pack and headed home. Maybe the fresh air will help the germies go away. Happy Fall to all! Check in tomorrow...We will be taking the Little Beauties and enjoying the fall weather at the Pumpkin Patch!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me Monday

What a Fabulous Family. What a Fabulous Blog. I was introduced to a new blog tonight. I have been reading for an hour now. I cannot stop. I giggle. I tear up. I wanted to reach out and hug MckMama several times already and I am just getting introduced to her site. Love it! MckMama has introduced me to "Not Me Monday" you know for all that stuff we do...but never really want to admit to doing. Here's my bean spill for the day...

1. I did not sleep in this morning, letting Stinky get up with the girls for the 3rd day in a row...nope.
2. I did not give in to the request of a "happier meal" tonight after Chloe's dance class because I was feeling a bit lazy and not like making dinner...or rather cleaning up dinner...not me.
3. I did not let my four year old fall asleep on the couch again because it is sometimes easier than attempting to sneak out of her room at 2 in the morning...not me.
4. I did not spend 2 1/2 hours reading a few new blogs, when there are 3 heaping baskets of laundry to be folded...never...not me.
5. I did not sit and stare at the elliptical machine again tonight, pleading it to just do the work out for me...I never promised to get started today...again...never...no way...not me...

Follow me

Blogger has added a handy new gadget. Followers. Just cick and be added to our list of frequent followers. So excited to see how many people enjoy peeking in on our Little Beauties!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do I look smart and sassy or what?

Chloe had her eyes examined at school last week. Followed by a professional exam on Wednesday. The doctor confirmed that she needed vision correction. She was such a BIG girl! I was so very proud of her! She even have to have her eyes dilated, with drops (this was the part she didn't like...at all.) So brave she is! They did several tests and had her read the letters. She is far-sighted. They would like her to wear them all of the time as she has one eye working much harder than the other. The doctor felt this would correct itself with her new specs. Hopefully she will only need them for reading and school in the future. Doesn't she look sweet? So grown up, huh?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bumble Bees

Speaking of Black and Gold (Go Hawks!) We have a very big bumble bee/wasp issue at our house. They are EVERYWHERE. I hate them. I know they serve a purpose. I know if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone (sure they will.) I know they are more afraid of us then we are of them (unless you are me or my 4 year old daughter, in which case, that is just not true we are truly MORE afraid.) Anyway, we really have a problem. Papa Steve came over today and sprayed the nest in the ground. The one located conveniently next to the swing set. You can imagine Chloe and I ducking and dodging to get out of their way as they fly into their flipping nest! Sure, go ahead, laugh it up! I am scared of them and I have instilled this fear into my oldest born, soon to follow are her sisters. So anyway...Papa also sprayed in several other places...thanks Papa. They still seem to be lurking around...just had to vent...gosh darn stinging things...go away!

Triplet Toddlers and Markers

I try to be a "crafty Mommy." Sometimes it is difficult though, because I am a bit of a neat freak. Ahem...I decided to give craft time a try this week. We have attempted crayons with the Littlest Beauties before...yeah...they eat them. I mean, really, honestly eat them. Chomp, chew, swallow, yummy...yuck! In my conquest, I taped white paper to the dining table, changed their clothes, strapped them into their seats and started with crayons. Had to give it another shot right? Wrong...ate them again. So we switched to markers...yes, they were the washable kind, I'm not that crazy. What a fantastic hour they had. Designing beautiful, unique and PRICELESS art. They also enjoyed...writing on themselves, hands, faces, arms, ears. Eating the marker tips (old habits die hard), writing on each other and of course ripping the paper off the table and using the table as their canvas...Ahh, my Angels...


Ear infections...pardon my french...suck...

Fight Fight Fight for IOWA

It's Homecoming weekend in Hawkeye-town. You know how much the Little Beauties love parades. It has become an annual tradition to meet up with our BFFs and hit downtown to watch the parade, catch goodies and cheer on the Hawkeyes! We took a photo opportunity before leaving home...of course. The girls enjoyed sitting on the step and waving at our neighbor Frank. After the photo session ended, because Mommy was sweating her patootie off, we packed 'em up and headed out to our usual spot (yep...conveniently in front of the Java House.) No surprise...the Little Beauties had a Fantastic time! GO HAWKS! Another note...(Hey WIFE/BFF will you get me one of those shirts the next time you are in the area? Kiss Kiss...love you.)

Choo Choo we're coming through

We are the proud owners of the Choo-Choo Wagon. The Little Beauties LOVE it. Here are some photos of their first ride...Choo-Choo we're coming through...the people in our neighborhood had quite a kick out of it. They were following and watching out their windows, even coming outside to get a glimpse of the Beauties as they went by. Our own private parade. Little Beauties on parade.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Night

Chloe and her BFF are having a sleepover tonight! They wanted to send a good night to Olivia's Mommy and Daddy...so here it is!

constructing our new swingset

We made the 2 swing set into a 4 swing set. Which will make the 4 little beauties that live in this house VERY HAPPY! All summer they have been sharing time on the swings...who wants to do that? Not the little beauties that is for sure. Papa Steve and Daddy "built an addition" this afternoon. They rearranged the slide and climbing wall and added 2 new swings. Yeah! The girls had a great time playing outside. We all enjoyed the sunshine. Jocelyn loved "helping" Papa. They also have a great time playing in the rock bed.

Baby Will is here!

The girls have a new baby cousin! Wilhelm Jay was born on Monday September 15th around 10:30 pm. He weighed in at 6 lbs 10 ozs and was 21 inches long. Congratulations to Aunt Alicia and Uncle Eli! We cannot wait to meet baby Will! He is the first boy on either side!

Fall or Summer?

We have been busy bees around here the last 2 weeks. Spending time outside. Going for walks to the park and feeding the ducks. The last few days all the girls have come down with a bit of a cold. I blame it on the weather. It has gone from low 40's back up to high 90's all week long. We had the air back on over the weekend and probably should have had the heat on at least a couple nights. I am a fall girl by nature. I love brisk mornings with a light frost on the grass. I love the cool, calm nights that fall brings. I love football games and pumpkins, the leaves changing color and picking apples. I am not really a summer girl. I really dislike the heat and humid climate. (I know, why Iowa? My family is here!) So needless to say I am more than ready for fall to be here. I am tired of summer during the day and fall at night. I am ready for sweaters and hats! Not ready for winter though...(thought I would stick that in there.) I don't like snow either. I know, I know...high maintenance. Point to this post...been busy...no extra time to post. I will get back into the swing of things...I promise. Plus Matt is on vacation for TWO WEEKS! YEAH! (His "honey-do list" is not too long.)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Go Hawkeyes

We were dressed ready for the game! the Little Beauties have new Iowa Hawkeye shirts with each of their names printed on the back. The shirts were done by Rage Graphix. (free advertisement, you're welcome Matt.) Iowa vs. ummmm...I'm not sure. Sorry...I am a fan. I just don't pay that close attention. I am more of a tailgater I guess. You know the kind that never actually makes it to the game. I do know they beat the other team 42-0!!! YEAH! Here are some photos of the Little Beauties on our way to the park. By the way...Iowa plays Iowa State next Saturday. (See I do keep track of some things.)

Dancing Shoes

My cousin Micahla was married today. It was a very pretty ceremony. They couldn't have had a more beautiful Iowa day! The reception was full of yummy food and spirits. We caught up with family, gave hugs and smiles and ended the night with the "little beauties" favorite thing to do...DANCE! As soon as the music began they were on the floor. We literally had to drag them off at 9:15 (2 hours and 15 minutes past bedtime). They loved the lights, all the other kids dancing and the loud music. It was so much fun. Congratulations to you, Micahla and Jerry! Here's to a long life of happy memories together!

Cruzing with Nana

We spent Friday morning with Nana Reta. The girls had such a great time introducing the house to their "tripletness" and yes, Chloe helped too! We played, explored and had lunch with Nana. One of the girls favs...tuna and noodles and tomatos. You should have seen the floor when they were finished. They aren't used to "eating out" and especially not eating out where they are free to roam around unconfined to their triplet table. It was interesting and a ton of fun. The girls' favorite part of the day was Nana giving them rides in the rolling chair! Let's just say that Nana got some extra steps in with us there. Chloe's favorite part was Nana's coo-coo-clock. Everytime it chirped she was watching it with amazement.