Monday, December 29, 2008

Breaking out the "bong" at Grammy and Papa's

Setting the scene...
In the kitchen making lunch. The Littlest Beauties are playing with Chloe's new matchbox cars.
Chloe starts up a conversation...
"Mommy, this weekend at Grammy's, Molli and I were pretending."
"You were? What were you pretending?"
"We were pretending that we were "stoned."
I am smiling at this point.
"Oh, you were pretending you were what?"
"Like we were "stoned."
"Yea, you know pretending like we were "STONED!"
I am trying to disguise laughter now, because she is so sweet and innocent.
"What does "stoned" look like?"
"Well, you know."
"How do I know?"
"You know, just..."stoned."
Now I am rolling.
"Mommy you know "stoned" like this..."
She looks at me and freezes her entire body. "We were stoned! Like made out of "stoned!"
Fighting back tears I am laughing so hard.
"We were statues, made of "stone."
"Made of stones, you were statues made of "stones."
"Yes Mom...that is what I have been trying to tell you!"
So sweet and innocent my little Chloe.
Sugar Mommy...get your head out of the gutter!
Glad to know Grammy and Papa were playing statues...and there were no bongs involved in this kind of "stoned"...hopefully life will stay that way for a long long long time!
updated...not that I probably need to actually state parents DO NOT have a bong!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ball House

Dear Ball House,
The Little Beauties received you for Christmas. We decided to blow you up today. Oh how they loved you for a short short time. They jumped and threw balls. They had a grand time for about an hour...then they popped you! You sure didn't last very long. Poor, dear ball house. I guess we will be laying you to rest and your 100 balls too. You will be missed.
Love, Sugar Mommy

Update....maybe since the Little Beauties loved you oh so very much...we can try another one?

Be sure to check out the static hair in the ball house photos...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008....a whirlwind

Chloe and her sassy new boots

Silvie opening

Daddy cooking on Christmas morning

Silvie or is it Snow White?

Farrah and Silvie

Little Beauties in their little tutus
Jocelyn and her favorite present...the toothbrush

Skater pose

Farrah and the famous toothbrush...hers and sissy's

Silvie and the new battery operated toothbrush...a big hit with all 4 Beauties!

Little Toxic Sugar

Coloring Christmas pictures with our new crayons

Santa brought Chloe a make-up bag...complete with eyelash curler. Maybe Mommy will be able to find hers now, or at least have one to borrow.

In the house

Chloe and Molli with Nana

Time for night night

Farrah loving Daddy

To a new tradition! We went out for pizza on Christmas Eve!
Papa and Gram, Nana, Uncle Chad, Aunt Dee and Molli and us. It was fun! Actually, there were a few other families there too! No cooking, no clean up!
Chloe, Papa and Mollimarie standing at the Santa House.
We go to look at lights every Christmas Eve. This one is one of our very favorites.

The Little Beauties had a fabulous holiday. They are not lacking anything that is for sure. We have new playhouse and dollies and roller skates and much more galore! They favorites of course were the skates, mermaid Barbies, the puffs and the toothbrushes, and the new dolly strollers...oh and the playhouse...they will not stay out of it!
We also say we remember and think of you with love...Papa Terry in heaven,who's birthday was Christmas day. Great Papa Paul, who went to heaven on Christmas Eve 2003. We miss you and love you everyday! We know you are watching over us as God's Angels.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A quote...

"Don't just tell your children you love them. Tell them what you love about them."
I love here goes...
I love your kindness. I love your soft heart. I love your sensitivity. I love that you are gentle and giving. I love that you are a beautiful little girl on the inside. You are intelligent, independent, affectionate and forgiving. You are welcoming and tender. I love how you watch out for your baby sisters, always making sure they are happy. I love you Chloe.
I love that you are independent. I love that you are a leader. I love that you take care of your sisters. I love your sweet laughter and your big hugs. I love how you love to explore and learn. I love you Jocelyn.
I love your sweet heart. I love your watchful eye over your sisters, always making sure they are safe. I love your gentle touch and your caring nature. I love you quiet independence. I love your sweet kisses and your signs of affection. I love you Farrah.
I love your gentle nature. I love your shyness. I love your soft heart. I love how you bat your big baby blues to get your heart's desire. I love your sweet coos. I love your caring heart and the love you show to everyone you love. I love you Silvie.
(Obviously...Not my child...but...I think he should be on this list too)
You are the love of my life. My husband, my best friend, the father of our beautiful daughters. I love you kind heart. Your gentle nature. I love your caring. I love your thoughtfulness. I love that your daughters always come first. I love your romantic side. I love your manly side. I love you affectionate side. I love that you never complain. I love that you always make the best of it all, no matter how bad. I love you Matty.

Daily mischief

This is the Littlest Beauties' new "trick".

Hmmm I think we better nip this one in the bud.
They climb...on everything. This is the shelf in the toy room closet.

They are growing and changing before my very eyes. I am amazed every single day at the new adventures and mischief they are learning and teaching each other...I thought I was busy when I was breastfeeding three I am really busy! Loving every minute of it.

Holiday Fun

Selling kisses at the market

Chloe practicing her opening skills

What...a washing machine for the Beauties to use? Mommy on break

Jocelyn and Aunt Ande eating like good girls...Santa is watching

Jocelyn and Gramma

Checking out the Cherry Blossom Market

Gramma and Farrah

Jocelyn giving Haley kisses

Chloe girl says "Hi"

Chloe and her new Wii

Haley and her new ipod
Little Beauties tearing into the gifts...they say thank you by the way

Daddy and Farrah

Aunt Ande and Silvie

Chloe and Haley

Chloe and Haley all sparkly

Farrah and Christmas decor

Silvie found the tinsel

Triplets in tights

Saturday was our Christmas celebration with Gramma Valerie and Grandpa Dave, Aunt Ande and Haley-bop. The Little Beauties were all dressed up in their holiday dresses...yep they looked pretty darn sweet. we had a great afternoon together. We left before the wind began howling. Chloe got to stay at Gramma's and have a sleep over with Haley. Matt and I put the Littlest Beauties to bed and I "schooled" him in Wii bowling!

Santa...I would not be afraid of you.

Dear Santa:

Chloe loves you...but she says you need to brush off your "sugar bugs" have bad breath.
Jocelyn says...I am not coming near you...bells or no bells!
Farrah says...Grandma, if you let go of me...I swear I will SCREAM!
Silvie way dude...not coming near you...not even 50 feet "away" near you!
By the way we sent you our list...just leave the goods on the step, our Daddy will carry it in the house so you don't have to...

The Little Beauties