Monday, November 30, 2009

What have you done

Farrah, Farrah, Farrah.
You are going to drive Mommy to the nuthouse...
It started out as a normal morning. Daddy took Chloe to school. The triplets made a mess with their oatmeal, which in turn led to a mid morning bath. The beauties LOVE mid morning baths. They would play in their all day if I would allow it. However the water gets a bit cold...anyway...
I took them out one at a time, brushed their teeth and lifted them over the gate into the living room. Silvie was the last one out of the tub today, because she wanted to "swim." As I lifted her over the gate, I looked up and caught my dear, sweet little Farrah, sitting on the recliner with the bottle of baby lotion. Of course the cap was on the floor, and lotion was smeared EVERYWHERE. The chair was literally white on the seat. She had enough lotion on the chair to lotion, herself, her sisters, me and two towels. Pretty much the entire bottle. The chair is trashed. Not much hope for the saturated stain. What could I do besides...take a picture and then laugh? These are the days of my life.

Little Girls sit down to potty

The setting:
Living room
three potty chairs in a row
little girls running around naked from the waist down (this is the new normal at our house)

The Beauty:
Silvie Mae

The story:
As the Beauties happily played while Mommy folded laundry, Silvie walked towards the potty chair, rather than sitting upon said potty chair, she stood over it, in a straddle like stance.
Then she took aim. Making most of the tinkle into the potty bowl.
So proud of herself and her accomplishment, she gazed at me and said, "Mommy, I pee like Daddy."
I am still laughing.

Better Late than Not at all

Happy Thanksgiving.
Those two words bring a smile to my heart every time I hear them. The beginning of the holidays, family, friends. I wish all holidays were more like thanksgiving. No gifts, no pressure, no commercialization, no returns, no credit card bills. Just LOVE and THANKFULNESS. Just being happy together is what is important.
I often think about the things I am thankful for, and I can honestly say...I do it daily...not once a year. I think everyone should. It makes me a happier person.
I am thankful for my husband. For all he does. For his hard work and support. His gentle heart. His strong arms and beaming smile. I am thankful to have so many things all wrapped up into one person, my best friend, my lover, my soul mate. I am thankful for the father he is to our daughters. Loving each of them more than words could begin to express. I am thankful that he has a job that he loves and thankful that he comes home safe to the girls and me everyday. I am thankful that he always finds the positive in everything. He lifts my spirit without even trying. I am thankful that he is kind, caring and full of love.
I am thankful for my Beauties. My four gorgeous daughters. Each of them so beautiful and special in their own ways.
Chloe, my sweet and loving, sensitive and kind one. Always doing her best to please everyone. Always paying attention to make sure those around her are happy. She told me when we were getting ready to go that she was "thankful for you, mommy" it melted my heart.
Jocelyn, my feisty one. The one that can be so naughty and then smile at you and make you giggle. The one who can cuddle like no one else. The born leader of her sisters.
Farrah, big sisters clone. She acts and looks exactly like her big sissy. She is sweet and sassy, and knows how to make you laugh.
Silvie, the sweet one. The shy one. She can melt your heart with her eyes.
All four of them can put you in a trace with their sparkling blue eyes. But it's their personalities that I am so thankful for. They are healthy and smart and they have so much love to share.
I am thankful for Grammy Pam and Poppy Steve. For Gramma Val and Grandpa Dave. For everything that they do for us. For their love and support. For their shoulders and wisdom. For teaching us how to be loving and patient parents.
Our family. Brothers, sisters, our nieces, Molli and Haley.
Our friends. They support us and help us and give a shoulder if we are in need.

Truly, I am so thankful for all those close to my heart.
I am thankful.
I am blessed.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I like "Loupie"

Silvie loves cantaloupe. She will eat it and eat it and eat it. I learned today that she will even eat the rind. I gave her a larger piece to eat cut into a wedge. She literally would have eaten the entire piece rind and all, but Chloe ratted her out. Maybe it has extra fiber. Gross.

Number 5

Chloe has lost yet another tooth! The tooth fairy is going to have to take out a loan at the rate she is losing them. We also have an abundance of sugar free gum around here. No whole apple eating these days. She was very proud of her toothless grin. Stop growing so darn fast!

"My Benny"

Jocelyn has a deep deep love of big sissy's hamster. Sissy is not amused. So Jocelyn enjoys alone time with "her Benny" while Chloe is at school. It will be our secret Jocelyn, Mommy won't tell.

Think I'll stick to Roller Skates

Tonight was Elementary night at the ice arena for Chloe's school. Of course we went...cannot pass that up. She had a great time and did very well for a first timer. She fell a lot but giggled every time. By the end of the two hours she was really starting to get the hang of it. She was very disappointed open skate had come to an end. Mommy however, well let's just say I prefer my roller skates to ice skates any day. My ankles are killing me. Those ice skates are so stiff around the ankles, I'm not sure how figure skaters can do all those fancy moves. I am proud to say SugarMommy stayed on her feet the entire time. Not to mention my right bicep had a tremendous workout hanging on to and pulling up the Beauty. Daddy even had his first time on skates tonight. He was not a fan. Being on the skates killed his ankles. He only lasted about fifteen minutes, but was glad he was able to do it for even a little while with Chloe. It meant a lot to her too. She was very excited to have Daddy there! The littlest Beauties watched in delight and sat so still while Chloe and Mommy skated. It is safe to say that we will do it again. But I still prefer 4 wheeled skates to a blade.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Sickies

I am happy to report that the "puke in the crib" incident was isolated. All four are healthy. (Knock on wood.) I cannot say how grateful I am of healthy children.
It seems as though the triplet Beauties are going through some type of bedtime boycott. Every night for the last week, they are doing a lot of stalling at bedtime. They are sitting on their potties for extended periods of time while going through the bedtime prep. Using the "I poop" excuse. But they don't poop. Then it's many random items to their beds, you know, papers with alligators on them (about ten sheets covered in gators that Grammy drew) multiple stuffties, extra blankets, extra pillows, dollies (not just one doll either. Farrah had seven in her bed tonight) matchbox cars, any and every penguin stufftie in the house, all items having to be perfectly placed. Covered, recovered and then covered again. Crying for a while. Then the final stage...talking. Tonight they were not quiet until after ten. Good thing we have cribs tents. I love the crib tents.
Here's to hoping that the easy to sleep stage comes back to us soon.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Puke. Barf. Yak. Throw Up

What ever you want to call's all gross.
Just ask my sweet little Farrah.
She threw up in her crib tonight. She was so upset about it that my heart was breaking. Her tummy was very obviously upset by the amount all over her, her sheets, her blankets and the floor. Poor sweetie.
I sure hope that it was a fluke and not sickness coming to visit.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bad Blogger...updates on the Beauties

Yep that's me. A bad blogger. Sorry Grammy Pam. Sorry Auntie Molly. And sorry to anyone else who really reads me. We are keeping busy as usual. I am tired as usual. The Beauties are cute as usual...of course.
What's been happening? We are back in the land of the gated community.
Our gate between the kitchen and living room area broke several months ago. Too much traffic, or maybe too much climbing over it...but it broke. After the last week, I decided that I am just not ready to be without it. Yes the Beauties are 5 1/2 and 2 1/2. Yes they are getting to the age that they are old enough to understand "stay out of the kitchen!" However just because they understand does not mean they follow orders.
The last straw was when I got out of my luxurious 2 minute and 30 second shower (ahhhh refreshing...not) to find my three toddling beauties had moved their potty chairs into the kitchen and climbed their cute little tooshies right onto of the counter. One playing with the stove, one standing trying to get goodies from the cupboard and one chugging my freshly opened diet coke, saying while caught red handed "I like the pop."
NO MORE! I broke down and buy a second hundred and ten doller gate. Agh. The price is simply nuts. But we HAD to have it. Papa came to help install it last night. Thanks Poppy! Much to mu horror, if they try hard enough, they can get it open. Gonna have to "Sugyver" you know "Sugar Mommy and McGyver (sp?)" it. Still working on that part.
Moving on...
The littlest Beauties are POTTY TRAINED!!!! Yeah! I did it! They are doing great! Wearing panties from wake up until bedtime. A few accidents here and there but that's how it goes. Farrah is the nudist in the house. She hates clothes, especially panties. She prefers to go commando. Whatever works I say. We thought we would save so much a month giving up those diapers...although I will say the water bill has increased....A LOT...we like to flush and wash, and then go again, just enough to flush and wash again. In time we will be saving...I hope.
I had my first parent/teacher conference today with Ms. C. It was fantastic. Chloe is a star! Sorry, was I bragging? Oh well...I can brag about her, I am her Mommy. Ms. C. had great things to say about her. She is ahead of average on her reading skills, writing skills and she follows directions ALWAYS. She is a leader and a caretaker of her peers. She helps them and guides them and is loved by all of her classmates. I am so PROUD of her. I saw work from her first few weeks compared to the late week and it is amazing! She is really excelling and loving school!
I promise to be better at updates and pics...after all we have a long winter ahead of us.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kindergarten Fieldtrip

Chloe had her very first fieldtrip last Tuesday. The Kindergarten classes (3 of them) visited a local working farm. There were pumpkins, animals, corn mazes and most of all MUD. Seriously I don't think I have ever seen so much mud. The kids, teachers and parent helpers were covered in the icky brown substance. There was so much mud, the bus driver got the bus stuck in the muddy field and they had to call another bus to pick us up and have the stuck bus pulled out with a tow truck. It was worth it though. The kids had a great time.

Charlie or Farrah?

Who does she resemble?
Even with the A & D facial in process.

A Strange Fairytale

Once upon a time, Halloween night, a beautiful princess named Jazmin decided to head out on the town with The Three Little Pigs and the Energizer Bunny. They trekked all over town collecting candy from the villagers. Then there crashed out from a sugar high...Yep. It was a good Halloween.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Guts...mmm?

Saturday...yes we were a little last minute...we carved pumpkins. Usually we have them cleaned and carved well before treat or treat. You know so we can light them several times and enjoy the hard work put into them. This year it just didn't happen that way. Oh well, we still had a great time. The girls worked really hard at scooping out the guts. They had no problem at all touching and pulling and digging it out. They even felt the need to taste test the goo. Not just once, or twice...I had to take their hands from their mouths many times. Gross. I mean, I like pumpkin and all...but cooked. We also pulled seeds to bake them up. Big success. The girls really thought the seeds were grand. The pumpkins turned out great if I do saw so. Papa even carved one out for us. Silvie thought he did a super job on Winnie the Pooh.