Friday, May 29, 2009


Well...we did it.
Chloe and the Beauties are the proud "owners" of a new puppy.
We brought him home on Wednesday night. Chloe was very surprised. She had fallen asleep just before Matt and I arrived home. Of course we woke her up. She was all smiles and still is. She is so excited to have her very own puppy. She is doing so well with her. She loves taking him out to potty. She also is getting very good at telling him to sit and telling him not to chew on things. The littlest Beauties are a mix of emotions. Jocelyn loves him. She calls him, "My Dukey. My puppy." Farrah and Silvie are still yet to decide what they think. Today was much better than Thursday. They like saying his name and following him. However, they do not like it when he approaches them. Hopefully they will come around. Matt is in love. He has missed having a dog in the house so much, I know it makes him happy. As for Sugar Mommy...well, I like him. I just hope I didn't "bite off" more than I can chew. After all I keep very busy with my Beauties. But, it is worth it to see the smiles on the Beauties faces...and Matty's too.
Welcome home Duke!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pool Party

The Beauties broke in their new pool yesterday. The water was a bit chilly, but the sun was warm and they didn't mind the nippy water. They splashed and giggled all afternoon. Let the water out of the pool twice and even put their trikes in for a swim...all three at the same time. I put the slide into the pool, which was their favorite part. They took turns fairly well. They was no pushing or shoving. Only a few minor tiffs. I see many sun filled days in the pool in our future. I cannot wait.

The First Game

Chloe had her very first t-ball game Saturday morning. She said on the way there that she was a little nervous. (It was really cute.) She did fantastic! You couldn't even tell she was nervous. She even tried to hit without the tee! So proud. The game was organized chaos. All of the girls on out team are new...first year to play. Which means in a nutshell, they like to play in the dirt, and frequently forget what they should be doing. The first three batters forgot to run to first base after they hit the ball...even with my standing behind first base yelling for them to "Run! Run! Run!" My favorite part though was watching them fielding the balls. So cute to watch their faces as it rolls past them. We played three innings, where we went through the entire batting roster. They started getting the hang of it by the end. I think they will be a lot better next weekend. What matters most is they all had a blast. Oh and the slushies were a great way to cool off afterwards.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Ole Fish

Farrah running with a mouthful of water.

Silvie and Jocelyn racing up the hill.

Checking out the fishy

Silvie running on the bridge...slow down...don't run!

Chloe's first bass

Chloe's Big Ole Fish

Check out Sissy's Fishy

Farrah pointing at...but not touching the "wormies"

The "wormies"

Chloe and her "wormie"
Can you say...ahem...Tomboy?

Throwing back a fish...swim buddy

Jocelyn liked the "princess" pole but not the "wormies"

Chloe's first fish of the season. The Littlest Beauties were fascinated.

She is getting really good at casting her line.

Mommy and her Beauties

Enjoying the view.

Farrah enjoying a "nannie" and "chippies"...simultaneously

Our favorite bridge at the park.

We were able to soak in the day as a family was wonderful to be together...all together...and long over due. We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and spend the day outdoors. We packed a picnic lunch, picked up some wormies for fishing and headed out.
Chloe and her Daddy love fishing together. We all went a couple times last year, but this was the first time we dared to go without stroller. The littlest Beauties were on the loose. They enjoyed running all over, especially over the bridge and near the water. Yes, this made the Mommy VERY nervous. They however, thought it was fantastic. Chloe and her Daddy caught four fish! Her pride was a pretty large bass. Caught of course on the "Princess" pole. It was a foot at least, maybe a little bigger. We were all so very proud of her. What a little angler! It was a cherished day for all of us. We love being together...there is nothing better.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Swinging our favorite thing

For Mother's day...Mommy bought the triplets new big girl swings. Chloe was really tired of sharing hers. The triplets discovered sissy's swing about a week ago...and since swings simply will not do. Our swing set is now adorned with four yellow swings...yep all the same color and style...and yes, there is a reason behind them all being the same. If you have more than one child...I am quite sure you get the meaning. It is joy to all. We have been on the swings everyday but one this week, and that was because it poured all day and Mommy was not interested in playing in the rain. I'm bet the Beauties would have been all over that though.