Thursday, February 26, 2009


You stole my heart from the moment I learned of your precious life inside me.
How I longed for you.
The day I held you in my arms, looked into your beautiful blue eyes, I fell so deeply in love, words cannot begin to describe.
My baby. My precious, beautiful baby girl.
From the moment I first held you in my womb, we have had an incredible bond. Mommy and her girl. We spent every single day together. We learned so much together. We conquered breastfeeding and sleepless nights. We conquered gerd and ear infections. We snuggled and giggled, and sometimes we cried. Oh how I love my baby girl.
Your first birthday came! You walked at 16 months! Time flying by before our eyes.
Mommy and her girl spending days at the park or at the mall and we did have a few days when we didn't do much at all.
Your second birthday came! Another year filled with so many wonderful memories.
Just after your third birthday, you became a BIG Sissy! You were so proud. You love your baby sisters so much. It is amazing to watch you teach them all you know. You are warm and kind to them. Loving and nurturing, like a second Mommy. You always make sure they are okay.
Your fourth birthday came! I remember how we thought you had changed so much in a year. You seemed so grown up. Mommy's helper with everything. You love singing and dancing and dressing up. You love school and your friends and cousins. you have an amazing memory and are so intelligent. Smart as a whip.
Today. Today my sweet, precious baby girl is five! You are FIVE!
Where has my tiny 7lb 5oz baby girl gone? She is right here in front of my eyes! Weighing in at 34 lbs! Big blue eyes. Long, light brown tresses, cute glasses and a few freckles. She's missing a tooth. She tells me how it is sometimes. She is even enrolled for kindergarten starting this Fall! She wants to be an animal doctor and a rock star (at the same time.) She is Five! Growing up right in front of my eyes!
I cherish every moment. EVERY SINGLE MOMENT.
Happy Birthday to my Sweet Chloe!
She's precious. She's beautiful. She's loving and caring and. She is my baby girl Chloe.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

toddler beds

Last night at bedtime, we completed our routine. Dinner, bath time fun, a little dancing, and then off to bed. The resident monkey aka Jocelyn Pearl was on the move. In bed they were placed, and kissed and then the game was on. Jocelyn was out of bed six times. Hmmm, I think toddler beds are in our future.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not again

Guess who was out of her crib again this morning?
Correct...Miss Jocelyn.
Any suggestions about transitioning from crib to bed for multples?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strange noises from above

7:30 am.
Matt, Chloe and I asleep in bed.
Strange, happy noises are coming room the room above.
We hear an unfamiliar baby crying on the monitor, what seems to be a new born baby. "That's not one of the beauties" I state in my normal morning fog.
I walk slowly in my morning stagger with Chloe by my side to the triplets room.
Giggles and chattering coming from the other side of the door.
Slowly I open it, Jocelyn meets me at the door with a big grin, "Hi Momma!"
She then b-lines back to her crib and proceeds to attempt to climb back in. "In? In Momma?" Yes, she climbed out of the crib, it's official, she is free!
The room was strewn with clothing from the dresser, ponytail holders, and pacifiers. The monitor turned to a new frequency (hence the unfamiliar cry we were picking up.)
Inside the cribs with Farrah and Silvie with a mixed assortment of before mentioned items.
All three happy little larks.
Is it time to remove the cribs?
If so, heaven help me.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

It's a wee bit late, but it has been a busy week (okay...a couple weeks) around here. The Little Beauties and healthy and full of mischief. Sugar Mommy went back to her "pre-beauties" work this past weekend at the flower shop. I worked all weekend for the Valentine holiday. It was good, but I must say it really makes me feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with my girls everyday and watch them grow, learn and to give unlimited kisses, snuggles and love. I am a lucky woman. I love every single day! Even the tough ones are better with them than away from them for me.

On another note...I am the proud owner of my dream camera! Matt surprised me on Valentines
Day with my very own (much longed for) Nikon D90. I love it! (Let's just's my Valentine, birthday, anniversary, Christmas surprise for the next several years.) I have been snapping away the last two days...Here are some of my very first much to learn...but I think I caught a few very beautiful shots. I cannot wait to learn all the ins and outs and functions and features. I am taking a photography class in March.
I promise to get back to blogging...I miss I will have lots of photos to share!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Girls

It is truly amazing how much the triplets are talking the last few weeks. I cannot believe they will be two in just over a month! Where has the time gone? Some of the new words and phrases are...toothbrush, wawa (water), books, outside and bath. Favorite words that are heard many, many , many times throughout the day...MINE, no bite, Sissy, peas (please). They all say Jocey very well and are all working on saying Farrah (which sounds like "rah-rah", Silvie (which kind of sounds like "bill" and Chloe (which sounds like "wee". It is so cute!
They love dancing and singing (their favorite song at the moment is Single Ladies, by Beyonce. It is so funny when the song comes on, they stop whatever they are doing am get their jam on.
They have discovered mirrors and love talking to them.
Most of all they LOVE being in the buff. They run around chasing each other and naming each others body parts.
My tiny little beauties are toddlers! Yikes! I better stop blinking or they will be teenagers.
On that note...We will be registering Miss Chloe for Kindergarten this month! Wow. We have been looking into filing for a transfer of schools. Keep your fingers crossed we get her into one of the three we have it narrowed to.
Chloe is changing so much! She is loving dance and preschool. She even gets to go on a field trip next week to Papa's work. she is so excited.
She has decided she wants a unicorn (ick! I hate unicorns...they freak me out) cake for her birthday. She also is having a roller skate party with her friends. My little baby is a big girl! Yikes again!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Monday

Mondays...a case of the Mondays. We are so ready for Spring around here. We have some serious cabin fever. Why did that darn Punk groundhog have to see that shadow? Grammy Pam came over today to see the girls, she was going to take Miss Chloe to dance class, however, the littlest beauties were not letting them leave the house without a fight! They wanted to go too. None of them took their napper today, so they were wired and grumpy. I was too tired to fight, so we loaded everyone up to go "bye-bye" they beauties were thrilled to go for a car ride. Funny, I always want to go to sleep in the car...not the beauties though. They look all around and comment on anything and everything. Doggies, people, cars, airplanes...and of course one of their favorite new sayings..."wasat" (what's that) if you weren't sure. They enjoyed being out and about for forty five or so minutes, even if it was in the van.