Thursday, April 30, 2009

We love BabyLegs

I won a contest on on facebook! Yea! I am a HUG fan of Babylegs, and so are the Little Beauties. We have several differet styles ( eight different ones) multiply that by four and obviously we are lovers of the leg warmers. I am a fan on their facebook site. They put out a contest, submit a photo of your child or children sporting BabyLegs and the owner/staff were going to be picking their favorite photo. The winner wins a basket of BabyLegs. I submitted a photo of the Little Beauties wearing their Bumblebee leggings...We Won! I am pumped and so are the Beauties.

Not exactly Sunny

It wasn't exactly sunny...but at least it wasn't raining...well, not exactly. It was a spring day, the kind when it can't decide if it wants to rain or shine, storm or clear. However, the temperature was good, so we decided to venture outside this afternoon.
Chloe is starting a new we headed out to practice a little. She is going to be a little tee ball player beginning Sunday. She is so excited. We got her glove, and a bat ad a few balls and a new tee. She, as well as the littlest beauties had a great time "practicing."
We all, including Mommy, got dirty while playing...what's a little mud though?
We were just happy to be outside playing.

Fun at Playland

Yep, we braved the germ infested play area yesterday. The last three times we have been there, we have gotten sick...maybe a coincidence...maybe not. Well, I am sure it is not. But we went. It's been raining all week and we needed to get out of the house. The Beauties had a great time. Hopefully...they all stay healthy. We tripled washed and hand sanitized...hope that works.

Ouch Bruiser

Bet you would not have guessed it was going to be Jocelyn with the first shiner...ha ha.
She was being her regular "monkey-self" climbing the chair to get to the top shelf on the bookcase, and caught her eye right on the corner. There is a small cut, it swelled immediately, she cried a little, but took it like a little bruiser. It is black and blue and purple today and still has swelling. She has been walking around all day pointing to it saying, "eye, eye, ouchy eye."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Smarty

Chloe found a stethoscope I have from college. All four of the beauties think it is pretty neat to play with. This morning after breakfast, Farrah was taking her turn. She walked to each of her sisters and listened to their chests and said, "heart" then listened to each of their backs and said, "backs." It was so cute to see her doing what she was supposed to do with the stethoscope and naming body parts as she went. Farrah, you are such a little smarty.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Beauties new hats

Cute huh?
Check out this site for great things for your princess!

Thanks Lindsay! We LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Beauties salon

This is the Little Beauties new favorite thing to do. "Little Beauty salon" They take turns sitting in the American Girl salon chair and brush each other's hair. They are very good about taking turns. When one gets down they say "next". So sweet.
This is Jocelyn dressing herself. Has nothing to do with little beauty shop...but cute nonetheless.

Speaking of hair...
I decided to cut Farrah's hair. Just a little, I gave her a few bangs. Her hair is always in her face and she will not leave barrettes in. She looks so cute!

Wordless Wednesday...We love "Peeps"

Friday, April 17, 2009

A day in the Park

Around nine this morning, we were finishing up with breakfast and heard a loud boomer. A transformer blew...leaving us powerless. Taking advantage of no power and a beautiful day...we decided to head out on an adventure...

I packed a picnic basket, some sippies with milk, sun hats and sunscreen and of course the camera and we headed out.

We landed at City Park...One half of the park is still badly damaged from last years flooding, but we managed to find the perfect area, sand, swings and a picnic table.

The Little Beauties and I played for several hours. We hunted for pinecones, walked around the park and chased "robbies" (robins), we even tried to catch a squirrel. They had a great time sharing a picnic lunch. Farrah and Jocelyn even shared their Cheetos "lady and the tramp" style. Chloe tried to get in a little sunbathing while we were there.

All four were a bit reluctant to leave, however, after two plus hours of fresh air...a nap was in the near future. They napped very well today.

Hooray for a day in the park.