Monday, April 14, 2008

The First Post...

I have wanted to begin a blog, and am finally finding a few extra moments here and there. Usually at 11:00 pm but I always have been a night owl. Well, before I had kids anyway.
Matt and I are doing well, Matt is working a ton! "Keeping our streets safe" as we like to say. I have been working hard too, being a Mommy. I get paid with lots of smiles, kisses hugs and love, that's way better than any paycheck, I think. Almost 6 years we have been married, and 4 bebes later...
Enough about us...I know you would rather hear about the "little beauties".
Chloe is 4 going on 17. We celebrated her 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese. She had a Barbie Island Princess Cake, thanks Aunt Dee! Chloe is a GREAT" Big Sissy". She loves to help Mommy (most of the time) she helps give fallen buttons (pacifiers) gets diapers, wipes and she even shares her toys! She is attending preschool and taking a Ballet/Tap class. She LOVES dance! She is a born performer! Always dancing or singing and is a great actress too. She loves clothes and shoes (like Mommy). She is a "Social Butterfly"always making new friends. She is the most affectionate child you will ever meet. She is a true GEM. Mommy's Girl!
Matt and I and of course, Chloe too, welcomed 3 baby girls into our hearts on March 11th, 2007. That was when our somewhat normal lives, became, well, not so normal. We learned we were expecting triplets on Sept. 7th, 2006. WOW! After 33 weeks of pregnancy, 8 1/2 of which I spent "living" in the "Mother/Baby Unit" at UIHC, our family doubled. Jocelyn Pearl 4lbs 12 oz, Farrah Grace 3lbs 9 oz, and Silvie Mae 4lbs were here! The trio spent 24 days in the NICU. They had very few issues. Jocelyn and Farrah were on oxygen for a short time. Feeders and growers as they call them in the NICU. We brought all 3 home together on April 4th, 2007! We needed a bigger house instantly! It was so wonderful to finally have everyone home.
Matt was away at the Law Enforcement Academy from Sept 4th to December 7th. WOW, that was a long 3 months! I guess we are even now. Thanks to The Grammas! They were here with extra help while Daddy was away! Congratulations on being "Official" to the Daddy.
We survived the first year! Matt and I are closer than ever. We learned that we can do a lot more than we ever thought we could! Some things are getting easier and others more challenging. As they say on Jon & Kate: It's a crazy life, but it's our life and we wouldn't trade it for anything."
We celebrated the Triplets' first birthday On March 11th. THEY LOVED CAKE! They were not sure of all of the people at our house starring at them though. Farrah was especially upset when it was cake time. Too many faces and cameras flashing. It was a great day and felt like a huge milestone had been reached for them and us too.
We celebrated with a party on the 29th. We had to reschedule because the entire crew was sick with the flu...YUCK!
Jocelyn is so very close to walking! She is the adventurer/risk taker! She stands alone and smiles from ear to ear. She has taken a few steps. I think she will be running soon!
We have also named her the "bully". She picks on her sisters!
Farrah is the "little tiger" she is the Mommy's girl for sure. Daddy says she is going to be the "bookworm". She stands and crawls VERY fast. She also is the one that seems to get picked on the most.
Silvie is the lover! She is the sweet one! She would cuddle all day if she could. Loves her Daddy and Grammy! She is also crawls and standing. I think she too will be walking soon.
We are all happy and healthy, and it doesn't get much sweeter than that!

We hope that you will enjoy our blog sure to visit often! Leave your comments, we would love to hear them. Better get some sleep now, before the alarm clock cries...

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