Saturday, August 8, 2009


What's in there?
The vent that is?
I can only imagine what has made it way down there.
The Littlest Beauties are fascinated with the vents. They take the covers off and put anything that will fit down there. Pacies, crackers, toys, paper, band aids...they even took the remote batteries out and I caught them in process of trying to put them "down the shoot." Red handed. Naughty little Beauties. They think it is so funny when they drop things in and then are unable to see them anymore. Do they make vent locks? I think we may need them.
Another new trick at our house...climbing furniture.
Jocelyn has figured out how to get on top of the dresser/changing table. She shimmies right up like a baby monkey looking for a banana. Then she gets into the drawer where the spare pacifiers are kept and hands then out to Farrah and Silvie.
They can all three open the refrigerator and the freezer, not to mention take things out of it.
They are starting to attempt gate hurdling. Which is a very big issue. As it is "gated community" round here.
Let's see...what other little tricks do they have...
They have started running down the sidewalk when we go out for walks. They think it is so funny to look back and see Momma sprinting after them. (Which, in their defense, it probably is. I am not a runner...never have been.)
They LOVE lip moisture...chap stick, lipstick, gloss...and they like it all over themselves not just on the lips. Oh and Desitin facials are still a hot spa treatment around here.
The long and the are keeping Mommy busy and always on her toes.
Mommy loves it...most of the time.
Oh and if you get a random call from my's probably one of the Beauties just calling to say hello.

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Colleen said...

LOL about handing out the mini's (our word for pacifiers)!!