Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Haircut Chloe

The final Beauty to the shampoo bowl...Chloe Girl!  She was the one that took a little convincing.  Of course she was not going to let her little sisters show her up.  After she watched all three of them had their turn, she decided it must be safe and she went for it!  She was glad she did!  She LOVED it.  Joanne was very careful not get water in her eyes or in her ears, which was her fear.  She sat in the chair, trying to decide whether to stay long or go short.  Pony tails were the deciding factor.  Short hair = no she decided to stay long.  A healthy 3 inches off, but still long enough for all her favorite styles.
She did great and loves her new layered cut.
Can you tell by that beautiful smile?

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