Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bedazzle Me

My good friend "Hitzy Blonde" (yes she is a skater) came over for a visit a few days after my surgery.  With her, she brought the craft-r-noon arsenal.  Beads, and gems, the hot glue gun, and of course rainbow glitter spray...the works.  Her mission was "to make Toxic Sugar's crutches acceptable for daily use."  
Successful mission I would have to say.  The triplets and her son Andy had a great time helping her glue and place multi-colored rhinestones all over them.  "Crutches MUST be sparkling."  I could not agree more with you, Hitzy. 
The finished project shined and sparkled in just the smallest amount of light.  You should see them in the sun, amazing.  They are truly "Dazzling."
Thank you Hitzy!  The fact that I have the "coolest crutches ever" make it just a little easier to use them.  Thanks for thinking of me.  You are the Goddess of all things that sparkle.

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