Saturday, December 4, 2010

Warm lights...warmer hearts

The tree trimming was an amazing success.  No broken ornaments, and only a few "cat fights" about whose ornament was whose and who was hanging which ones on the tree.  I think the key words "a few" are the success here.  The Beauties had a great time.  They each are very into "mine" and "yours" right now.  It was so cute to watch each of them pick one branch and try to hang as many of "their" ornaments on it as possible.  Matt and I kept trying to teach them to spread them out, put them all over the tree, not just on one branch.  They liked their way much better.

Daddy took turns lifting each one of them to the higher part of the tree.  They thought this was wonderful.  It was so sweet to see them pick out an ornament and wait in line for their turn with Daddy.

Chloe was in her glory to be able to place the star on top of the tree.  Her face beamed as Daddy lifted her up.  She fussed over the perfection of the placement for several minutes, before being satisfied with how it looked.

So proud of their masterpiece.  

Jocelyn showing her favorite ornament...a penguin.

 Posing and blowing kisses.
The tree has been up for three days now.  Each day, the ornaments are rearranged several times.  We have lost only two thus far.  Here's to hoping the number will stay small, as they are crushed when one is broken.
We keep telling them to look with their eyes not their hands...again, they like their way better.

We visited Santa today.  Farrah climbed right up into his lap, I was shocked!  Silvie was fine just sitting next to him.  Although Jocelyn frowned and would not talk to him, she gave him a big hug.  It was amazing to watch and listen to their interaction with him.  He told them to be sure and be kind to each other.  To share and not fight.  He told them about putting their toys away when they were finished playing and also to put their dirty clothing in the was like he really did have a direct view into our home.  (wink)  The girls listened so intently with eyes wide as he spoke of the exact things that took place at our house.  They were amazed that he really did know.
I so excited for the holidays this year.  It makes my heart warm to think about our family and teaching our beauties the meaning of Christmas.

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