Monday, May 9, 2011

I will climb this wall.  I will.  I will not, however, look at my Mommy, who is trying with all of her power to get me to look at her so she can take my picture, because I am Jocelyn.  And I do not look at the camera.
Sorry Mommy, you lose.  I win.
I will slide down this slide, but first I will stop and smile at my Mommy, who is of course, holding that camera.  She really likes it when I smile sweetly at her.  So I will ham it up, because I am Farrah, and that is what I do!  How's this grin Mommy?
I will pretend to look surprised at Mommy.  I know that she is pointing that camera at me.  I look sassy and cute and of course sweet as can be.  I will not smile right now though because sometimes I need to make Mommy work for it.  I am Silvie and I know I am cute, smiling or not.
Jocelyn showing her sisters how it is done.
Atta girl, Jocey...always being a leader.
I guess I will smile at her now. 
But only because I am having a blast and I cannot contain my happiness.
Mommy, Daddy and Chloe gave us our very first bicycles for our birthday.
We are very happy.  See...smiling.
Chloe and her bestie Olivia had to have their "family" picture taken together.
So sweet.  So grown up from the bathtub pictures we used to take of them together.
All the kiddos at the party today...but who is missing?
Jocelyn Pearl was missing!
She did not want to be in the picture.  
Actually, she just wanted her purple whistle, which we realized after the picture was taken this was the major crisis.  Daddy held her and although she wasn't smiling looking at the camera, at least she is in the photo with her sissies and her friends!
What a great 4th Birthday party.

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