Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All four on skates

Santa brought the beauties ice skates this year, per HUGE request from each of them.
They wanted to "be like sissy" and ice skate.
When Saturday morning dawned, they were so excited to be able to begin their lessons.
Chloe was as proud as they come.  Running around introducing her little sisters to all her teachers.  She was such a big helper, showing them how to walk and balance.  She smiled the entire time the triplets were on the ice.  Commenting and grading their every move.
They were so many kids waddling around, unsure of what to do.  Jocelyn, Farrah and Silvie listened and watched their teacher so inquisitively, studying carefully what they were going to do when they first took the ice.
After the on ice instruction was finished, they steadily approached the ice.
Silvie was the first to go, then Farrah and then Jocelyn.
They moved slowly and carefully, standing back up each time they tumbled.  So excited to keep doing it.
They did remarkably well.  After the lesson came to an end, they wanted to keep going.  None of them wanted to remove the skates from their cold little tootsies.
Chloe took the ice for her lesson after the triplets.  She is moving right along.  Is precise and steady and excited every week to learn more.  She is in a lesson with just one other girl (who is much older) and is working very diligently on passing to the next level.  She is almost there, just one skill she needs to master to move up.
It's amazing to me how fast they are all growing up. 
Proud Momma.  Proud Grandmas and Poppy too!