Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little fish little fish, swimming in the water

The beauties spent a long weekend with Grammy Pam and Poppy and Molli.
They went to the amusement park and camped.  But I think the favorite thing of the weekend was the swimming pools.
I am certain they would have swam the entire time if they could have.
Farrah coming up for some air.

Molli and Jocelyn smiling pretty together.

Jocelyn lounging on the stairs.  All smiles.
Silvie and her Daddy.
Chloe the fish is her goggles.
  I was so amazed by the change in her.  My child, the one that has never, ever willingly put her face in the water, was under water, sliding down slides and doing handstands galore!
Going down for the diving stick.
Farrah and Silvie posing it up.
Farrah just lounging.
Silvie also loved her goggles.
This was Chloe's first time on the slide.  She was nervous but obviously her excitement took over fear.  She spent the majority of her time in the pool on the slide.  Matt and I even took our turns and the triplets loved it too.
Silvie floating around.
Molli getting ready to toss Farrah.
Molli and Silvie
Daddy and Farrah getting ready to have an under water contest.
Molli trying to dunk Matty.
The weekend was so much fun for everyone.  
Thanks Grammy and Poppy!

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