Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Beauties

Every time we visit the zoo...I love it even more than the time before.  Even though we mostly visit the same one over and over, I never grow tired of watching my Beauties smile and watch and learn... and most of all have fun.
We have taken a photo ever year since the triplets first zoo trip on this pig.  This was the first year no one was crying or missing from the picture.  They all happily posed and smiled.  Yeah for small accomplishments.
Feeding the Lorakeets was one of the favorites this year.  Those birds are crazy, and hungry, which is strange because all they do is drink the food all day long every single day.  The Beauties had a fantastic time feeding them, letting them get on their arms and watching them poop...on Mommy.
Jocelyn became a pro very quickly.  She fed them two cups of juice.
Silvie feeding two at once.
Chloe was a little timid at first, but she knew she wanted one to sit on her arm, so she decided to brave the scariness and go for it.
Farrah only wanted to feed the green birds.  If you can imagine that?
Another green one.
A new activity this year at the zoo...Feed The!
The Beauties were so excited to feed the giraffes.  Especially the new baby that was born in May.
This was Farrah's favorite part of the entire day.  She loves the giraffes so much she wanted to stay and "live in the cage with them."  She was literally crying when we had to leave the zoo.  "They will miss me so much, and I will miss them."
Jocelyn got a slobber bath by this girl.  She didn't seem to mind at all.
The momma and baby each getting a piece from Chloe.
Silvie loved the leopards!
Beautiful Butterflies.
Daddy and his Beauties.
A bunch of monkey business...
Silvie and Chloe
Chloe and Farrah
Mommy and Daddy
Jocelyn and Daddy
Best.  Monkey.  Ever.
Silvie and Daddy
The geese are so tame, they eat right from your hands. 
We walked around the zoo twice of course.  Here is Farrah and the baby giraffe.  She called him "Babe."
On the second time through Chloe finally had a bird walk onto her arm.  She was so excited and proud that she was able to do it.
An hour car ride with 4 excited kiddos = $40.00 in gas and a little anxiety
6 tickets into the zoo + 4 giraffe feedings + 10 cups of bird juice = $75.00
Watching your Beauties smile, giggle and have a wonderful time = Priceless

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