Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bananas...not just for monkeys

The Beauties and I decided to make banana bread to take to Thanksgiving dinner.
They love making messes things in the kitchen and we had tons of ripe bananas in the freezer for a rainy the baking was on.
We had enough bananas that each of them were able to make their own loaf.
This was "THE BEST THING EVER!"  (On their end and also for Mommy.)  Not one argument over whose turn it was to do what, who should pour which cup of what...because they were ALL FOUR able to do EVERYTHING!  It was amazing!  No fighting!
If you have more than one child...I highly recommend this strategy.  
What can I say, I'm still learning this motherhood day at a time.
One of their favorite parts was mashing up the bananas.  They did everything themselves.  I didn't measure, pour or stir for them.  They were very proud of their masterpieces.  They did a fabulous job.  I tasted the perfection in all four loaves.
Silvie and Farrah smooshing their bananas.
Chloe smooshing hers.
Jocelyn was a great smoosher too.
Silvie having so much fun.
Chloe was ready to taste test here because it smelled so wonderful.  
I convinced her to wait until it was baked and just enjoy the scent.
We are already stock piling more bananas to make more bread...look out you never know when the beauties may show up on your doorstep, bread in hands.

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Vanea Alexander Bell said...

They laugh like this all the time? :D I <3 them... :) Heey... Would you, please, give me the recepy for that banana bread, because i'm from Romania and never heard of such thing. :P