Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Congratulations Rachel and Mackenzie

Chloe and Jocelyn walking the aisle.

Watching patiently for the ceremony to begin.

Farrah playing with the rose petals.

Silvie blowing bubbles.

Papa helping Jocelyn blow bubbles. Papa is a professional bubble blower.

Grammy gives me pop...and I really like it.

Chloe while she was supposed to be eating.

Pretty Chloe.

The girls couldn't wait to dance. They were dancing in the corner while dinner was being served to the guests. They were getting down to the dinner music.

Jocelyn getting down to business removing her shoes. They must have been too restricting to her dance moves.

Chloe hanging with the flower girls.

Silvie sipping sparking juice. She did actually have a taste of the real stuff...by accident of course. She didn't like the real stuff as well...that is a good thing.

Papa and Grammy dancing with all of their granddaughters.

Farrah dancing.

Silvie dancing.

Jocelyn dancing.

The Beauties and Mommy went to their first lesbian wedding last weekend.
Some close friends of my brother and Deanna's, Rachel and Mackenzie made it official. They are fabulous girls who have been together a long time. Since Iowa legalized gay marriage, they decided it was time to have a celebration.
We had such a wonderful time.
We joined Papa and Grammy headed to Kent Park for the outdoor ceremony. Uncle Chad and Mollimarie were in the wedding and Dee was their unofficial wedding planner. The weather was gorgeous. A perfect day for a wedding.
Following the ceremony we headed to the reception, at a local hotel. The Beauties enjoyed dancing the night away.
Congratulations Rachel and Mackenzie!
To many yeas of wedded bliss.

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