Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dig it Move it Do it

Chloe sporting her builder hat.

The triplets holding their hats.

Silvie enjoying some popcorn.

Silvie of course wanted the alligator. No contest there.
Unfortunately...he popped not long after we got him. It was sad, she was heart broken.

Jocelyn giving smooches to her penguin balloon.

Farrah checking out her balloon ladybug.

Chloe and her balloon flower corsage.

Silvie and Farrah decorating their stepping stones.

Chloe making her beautiful creation.

Farrah getting things just right.

Jocelyn concentrating.

Chloe and Farrah riding the tractor.

The triplets refused to push the wheel barrow, however, they washed every piece of corn off with their germ wipes.

Farrah giving Daddy some lovins.

We had a fun morning of creativity at Move It...Dig It...Do It.
The girls made stepping stones, glue pictures, played bingo, received balloon animals, and played in a pool of corn. Little hands were busy. Chloe even pooper scooped fake poo...gross. However this one was a big hit with all the kids her age and older.
They even got to see a baby pony and some little donkeys.
Thanks for taking us Papa!
Looking forward to doing it again next year.

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