Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Haircuts

Tuesday was a no school day for Chloe.  We decided to head out and find something to do.  The house is boring and we are tired of toys and movies, we needed some real action.  As we were driving around with no destination...a brilliant idea popped into my head.  Haircuts.  Let's go and get haircuts.
We stopped into the salon that Chloe and I have been to before (not my normal one but they take walkins, which is so much better for us.)  I asked about time for not one but rather FOUR walk ins.  Of course they did not even have time for one let alone four.  So I decided to keep thinking.  I grabbed a price card on my way out and went back to the brainstorm.  As I thought about where to try next, I glanced at the price for a child's hair cut.  $21.00.  WHAT?  For real?  Honestly, I pay double that for my own haircuts (which makes me barf) but, I feel like you don't have a lot of option as an adult, and the prices just keep going up.  The Beauties are cute...doesn't take any "extra" to make that happen.  Still, I felt extremely sick that 4 childrens haircuts were going to be $84.00 (not even including the tip.)  Doesn't really add up.  They do not shampoo, they don't use other product, they don't blow dry, or curl or straighten.  All they do is "trim the hair" so what does that $21.00 go?  Not happening.  They can "rob" someone else.
So we went on our merry way and ended up at Cost Cutters.  
They were not busy and said they would be happy to do two at a time, so they wouldn't get as antsy.  Great idea.  (They only charge $9.95 for a kid.  1/2 the price sounded a lot better to me.  
The Beauties did great.  They LOVED sitting in the chair getting the "hairs" cut.  They were so brave.  Not to mention so darn adorable.  So different from big sissys first cut.  Poor Chloe was scared to death.  Amazing she loves it now.  Chloe decided that she wanted "just a few long bangs."  She also decided that Farrah should keep her bangs.  Jocelyn and Silvie should grow their bangs.  
When all was said and done, $66.00 later, all four Beauties looked pretty darn cute.  The triplets even received certificates fot the "1st" haircut.  Complete with their hair attached.
I think my Chloe girl was a little upset that she did not receive a certificate with her hair attached, so last night after the triplets went to nite-nite, we pulled out her baby book and I showed her the locks of hair I saved from her very "1st" cut.  That made her very happy.  She even commented on how I saved a lot of her hair, compared to her sisters.  She's so sweet.  They all are.

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