Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Missing Beauties Missing Sugar Mommy

I would like to begin this post as follows...
"Dear loyal blog readers,
Yes, we are all okay.  No I have not left the planet.  Yes, I do intend on continuing the blog.  I do feel bad for neglecting it.  Really, I do Gramma Pam and Aunt Molly.  I promise to find a few extra minutes a few times a week to dedicate to the blogs again." 
Life has been a little hectic.  Okay a slight understatement.  The Beauties are growing and changing so quickly, sometimes I think I forget to breath we are so busy.  Five birthdays in 2 weeks time.  School, spring break, work, household things, laundry, derby, dance, work,'s crazy here.

Spring is officially here,  We are finally spending some time outside.  YAY!  How we were really disliking icky weather.  I think this in itself will help both Mommy and her Beauties feel more alive.  We were all sick of being cooped up in the house.  Even the mall was getting a bit old.
I am working about 20 hours a week at Care, which I really enjoy.  I think Matt is enjoying having some time with the Beauties as well.  I will say however, that not a lot is being done at home.  Our house is a disaster.  No, it really is.  It's gross.  I really need to clean it.  But, tonight I chose the blogs.
I have lots more photos and stories to share of the last couple weeks.  I will do a little each day (for Aunt Molly, Gma Pam and u too Sam.)
For now, nite-nite.  Enjoy the updates.

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samantha said...

Thanks for mentioning me. I love your blogs. They are a highlight during my work week. My house is a disaster too. I would love to do Spring photos of your family if you can find a few spare moments this Spring.