Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Beauties

This year was sort of different as family holidays go.  A good different, but different.  My parents are in the processing of packing.  They sold their house and are moving at the end of this month.  That being said, there house is boxed and hosting a family dinner there would have caused more stress on my Mom than necessary.  Matty was working for the Easter weekend, and his family had no plans either.  My brother's wife, Deanna has a large family, most of which are in this area, and they always have big holiday gatherings.  Deanna's sister in law, Lee, invited all of us to share the holiday with them.  It was so nice of her to offer, so of course we went. 
In addition to dinner, what is Easter without an egg hunt?  Deanna's family goes all out for the hunt every year.  They have about 500 plastic eggs filled with money and candy.  Each year they men and women take turns hiding the eggs.  It was "the year of the female this year."  After dinner, Dee, her sister Barb, Lee and I all headed out to hide eggs.  They also have a traditional gold and silver egg filled with a big cash prize!  My brother had the privledge of hiding those this year.  We were told that last year he hid one of the special eggs in his coat pocket.  I can imagine how long that took to locate. 
The Beauties had a wonderful time hunting eggs.  I must say they were quite good at it for first timers. 
At the end of the hunt the Beauties had four plastic grocery bags full of plastic eggs.  (Which they were not at all thrilled about having to empty and give back.) 

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