Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Three in the Bed

There were three in the bed and the little one said...good night.
The Beauties are officially in their toddler beds.  It has been a about a two week process, and I think (knock on wood...hard knocking please) we are home free.  the first week was rough.  Super rough.  Tears, knocking, pounding and clothing covering the entire room every single morning.  Mommy and Sissy did a lot of sleeping on the floor the first two nights.  After night three they were in the room alone (as alone as you can be in a room shared between triplets) they weren't sleeping well yet, but they weren't crying either.  For the first week, it took well over two hours every night for them to stop jumping from bed to bed, throwing clothes everywhere, reading books and talking to actually fall asleep.  This week has been much much much better.  We now have a closet door in place (this due the the fact that EVERY article of clothing found it's way to the floor in the middle of the night, every night the first week.)  If you are wondering, yes the closet is very clean now and not only sports a door but also a lock, smart Mommy.
They are going to sleep within an hour and fall asleep while chatting to each other, or reading a book in the dim night light.  I am also proud to say (knock hard on wood again) that the afternoon nap has resumed.  Thank the stars.  Ten long days without is very much a fact they are NOT ready to be sans nap quite yet.  Neither are Mommy or Daddy.  they are not napping as long, but at least they are sleeping.  Bribery has helped out with the napping.  I promise we will go outside after nap everyday, and we do.  Works well so if it's not broke, I am sure not willing to fix it.

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