Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I will admit it.  I was a bit undecided on the trampoline.  I really didn't think it would fit in our back yard.  It does.  In addition to the space part, I was a bit nervous just about the trampoline in general.  That being said, once we had it put together (after many swear words and help from Ciara, thanks, Bang) it is really very safe.  The net goes all the way around it, which eliminates falling out.  The only trampolines I have ever jumped on have been ones without the net.  Super unsafe.  But the net really takes the scary factor away and bumps up the safety.  The Beauties LOVE it!  They have been out jumping on it almost everyday.  They all four are very good at taking turns and also enjoy jumping all at the same time.  Chloe is like a fish in water.  She does all sorts of stunts and tricks.  Still not sure where she learned most of them, but she is fun to watch.  The triplets of course try to mock her every move.  Mommy and Daddy even get on and jump.  I foresee a lot of time being spent in the backyard this Summer.

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