Sunday, May 30, 2010

It seems that my Beauties are always dancing to a beat...even when there is no music playing.  Farrah just started busting a move while helping Silvie pick "pretty flowers" or as some may call them...Dandelions.

Silvie is my little flower child
Daddy and his Beauties watching some men fishing.  The men were really good sports.  They turned and chatted with us.  They were as amazed with the Beauties as the Beauties were with their fish.  Daddy was doing a very good job trying to explain why we have to be quiet and calm and not throw rocks into the water when people are trying to catch fish.  The talk worked and they were quiet for all of about 3 minutes.

Not only were we fortunate enough to encounter one snake, but we were lucky enough to come across a second.  Oh goody!
The first one I almost stepped on while trying to snap some shots of Matt with the Beauties.  If you were wondering, yep, I screamed.  The second was in a tree along the trail.  There were some boys walking n the trail in front of us and spotted it.  As we approached they moved on, but we knew they had been looking at something in the tree.  When we reached the tree...a snake.  Cool .  Yuck.

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