Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A case of the Mondays

Mondays are not usually my most favorite days.  They never have been.  Yesterday was no exception.
We are still in full swing trying to adjust to our new schedule around here.  Chloe is finished with Kindergarten, Daddy is working evenings now, Mommy's working (outside the home) Daddy is taking a hand at the Mr. Mom thing...you know all a chapter in our crazy unique world.
Chloe is attending a Safety Summer Camp.  It is two hours a day for two weeks.  She is learning all sorts of great information about being a Safe Kid.  Fire safety, gun safety, stranger danger, bike safety...you name it.  If there is safety behind it, there are teaching it.  My good friend is one of the police officers who runs the camp.  So she's in good hands of course.
It was a crazy afternoon (as always) when I arrived home.  Matt was getting ready for work, the house looks like an F6 went through, beauties are crabbing because they refuse to take a nap anymore.  I was in the process of cleaning up that F5...and Farrah screamed out in shrieking pain!  She came running into the kitchen, blood everywhere.  Stuart (one of the new gerbils) had bitten her on the bottom lip.  Let's just say, he got her good.  She was so upset that Stuart would bite her and so upset that there was blood everywhere.
After a good thirty minutes, it still would not stop bleeding, so I decided it would make sense to take her to the ER to have it looked at.  Just in case she needed a stitch.  Yes, I am that Mom that just has to be sure.  I cannot help it, I worry.
We arrived at the ER and they took her right back.  Said that the cut was deep, but since the majority of it was on her lip, and not on the skin under it, they could do a stitch, but that it would probably do more harm than good to put her through it.  So we opted out of the stitch.  The doctors said that mouth would rarely take on an infection and that they heal rather quickly.  That said, since it was a bite from an animal, they felt a 7 day course of antibiotics would be a good idea.  They also assured me they were not worried about the bite in general, just being cautious.
Farrah was a trooper, she let the doc cleaned the would with a saline wash.  No tears.
After picking up her prescription, we headed home to find that little Stuart had passed.  When I asked Farrah what had happened, she said she tried to give Stuart a "kiss" then the bite took place.  I asked her what happened after Stuart bit her and she replied, "I squeezed him."  Poor Farrah, she is so sweet and gentle and would never hurt ANY animal.  That being said I have a strong suspicion that Farrah may be the cause to Stuart demise.  Poor Stuart.
We added to our backyard "Pet Cemetery" and held a small "gerbil service."  Brought tears to my eyes when each beauty took a turn telling Stuart to "rest in peace."  Bless their little hearts.
We concluded the evening with baths and kisses and several "extra" tuck-ins. 
Good night Monday.

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bang said...

I would have squeezed him too if he bit me. I'm sorry you're having a run of bad luck with the stuarts.