Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome Home

I know, I know...I'm either a really cool mom or a crazy one. 
We have four new additions to our home...
Introducing "Faith Polka Dot" (black with white spots) "Lady Gaga" (all black) "Ed" (tan) and "Stuart the 2nd." (brown).  The Beauties were able to hand pick which one they each wanted.  There were six females in the litter.  So they are integrated together since birth. 
They are full of energy.  They also love to cuddle together in their leopard print hammock.  Four baby gerbil sisters.  Cute as can be.  (Unless you ask Gma Val, she will argue that.)  
The Beauties are in love, they will just sit beside the cage and watch them.  They are under strict orders NOT to open the cage unless Mommy is with them.  The new "babies" are fast.  Not to mention, Daisy and Scooby think they look pretty tasty.  
The pet store told us that gerbils are much more social and at being hand tamed and handled than let's give it a shot.  Welcome home girls.

Also just so you know...Matt was the one that said, "please buy four.  Not one or two, four., so they don't fight over them. Good idea Daddy.

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