Saturday, July 3, 2010

I put holes in my Beauties

As we walked through the mall today, the Beauties (as usual) took GREAT interest in Claire's.  Every time we walk past that place, the Beauties always want to go in and pick out "stuff."  Today as we strolled past, they of course wanted to go in and "rearrange" the store for the gals working.  I made mention to the fact that maybe we should get their ears pierced.  Chloe has had hers pierced since she was a baby.  But for one reason or another, we have never done the triplets.  I have went back and fourth since having Chloe's done.  She was that pore babe that was crying before the gal even cleaned her earlobes.  I still remember feeling like "that Mom" holding her tightly trying to get her calm after.  I swear she cried for two days straight.  The triplets however, never cry when they get shots, very rarely cry when they fall down, so it was no surprise that the mention of it brought the answer, "YES" times three!  At that moment there was only one woman working, she told us that if we wanted both ears done at the same time we could come back after one and there would be another manager working.  We left and went to the museum, had lunch and roamed the mall.  During the entire time, all three kept asking if it was time to go back to get "earrinds?"  With the approval of Daddy, we headed back to Claire's.  Farrah said she was first.  So I sat her on my lap, and they marked out the dots.  The earrings went in, sort of, one came almost out the side of her lobe.  I had to pull it out and they had to re-pierce it.  Not a tear shed.  She didn't even squirm when they gal had to poke her again.  As she looked into the mirror, she was so very proud!  Next came Silvie, she was so ready to go watching Farrah.  I took her onto my lap, same verse, dotted with a marker, second manager came over...pieced, sort of.  Again the one girl pierced the left ear at a slant.  I had to again, pull the earring from Silvie this time and the manager had to re-pierce.  Again, not a tear, not a squirm!  Amazing.  Next Jocelyn was up.  She seemed a bit more nervous, but none the less, ready to go.  I requested that the other gal who was working take over for this first girl, as she obviously had much more experience.  They dotted the ears and...pierced.  Again...not a tear shed.  I couldn't believe it.  No tears, no crying, just each of them staring into the mirror and admiring themselves.  Weird how Farrah and Silvie had the same mishap with the sideways pierce.  (Truly identical, right down to their ear piercings.)
All night they have been in and out of the bathroom, gazing at their new "pretties."  What big girls!  Not to mention, they look super cute!

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