Monday, July 19, 2010

We belong in the zoo

We took our first zoo trip this year on Friday.  The Beauties and Mommy and Grammy Pam came along too.  Daddy ended up having to work, so Grammy gladly filled his spot.  It was a HOT day.  But we still managed to have lots of fun.  We were a little disappointed, because we weren't able to see very many of the animals.  It was so hot, they all seemed to be inside.  The ones we did see were calm and lazy.  Not moving around very much.  Can't say that I blame them.  
We did see an elephant, and had fun watching her throw sand and dirt on herself with her trunk.  Farrah especially loved that.  We saw two monkeys.  They were very mellow, just sitting in the tree "picking" each other.  We saw the giraffes.  So big and graceful.  They are always a favorite of all of us.
The highlight of the trip was riding the ponies and feeding the swans, ducks, turtles, fish and the of course the goats.  Jocelyn was fascinated with the swans and the goats.  I do believe (as you can see in the photo) she even gave one a kiss.  We spent a very chunk of time in the petting zoo.  Not to mention a large chunk of change.  Those goats were hungry critters.  Jocelyn was a real pro.  She let them lick her palms clean.  Farrah and Silvie were a bit more gun shy on the licking of the hands.  But they warmed up quickly.  Chloe wasn't timid in the beginning, but then one tried to "poke" her with it's horn and she decided she would let her sisters feed them.  
We also went into the aviary.  Chloe hated that (me too) she didn't like the birds flying around her head.  Plus they were pooping...a lot...look out below.  One lady was pooped on not once, but twice and was still laughing about it.  Gross.  Farrah wanted to kiss one of the really colorful ones, she tried really hard, and was almost successful.
The fish, swans and turtles were also acted as if the hadn't eaten in days.  The fish were huge.  Jocelyn really liked the geese, and swans.  I think she would have stayed there all day just watching them.
The most cherished part of the day...the pony rides.  Which I have decided will have it's very own post.
We love the zoo...any zoo...even when it's hot and we only see a handful of animals.  It's always well worth the trip.

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