Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mommy doesn't like snow

If winter wasn't here before, it certainly hit us last night.  With blizzard like conditions starting in the early afternoon and continuing though out the night, the mid west is covered in a heavy blanket of pretty white stuff.  Okay, I will admit, it is sort of pretty.
I have yet to hear an official total amount.  Due to the conditions, the way the wind blew, I'm sure that is pretty difficult to measure.  It's safe to say, that there is a ton of snow.  I don't remember ever having this much pour down all over the course of one night.  Several days, maybe, but this was literally ten hours.  
Our backyard was nearly impossible to get to.  I actually lifted the beauties over the fence.  They didn't even have to walk around the wall, they just walked over it.  
We the beauties played up and down the front hill for well into an hour.  Until Silvie lost her glove while tunneling.  She was not at all pleased to learn what it feels like to have your unbundled hand buried in the snow...time to go in.  Hot cocoa and warm tub time for everyone was a great end to the afternoon.



Matthew said...

Beautiful pictures! And the snow is pretty ;) ... not quite the Blizzard here in the Detroit area that they predicted for us but it was fun nonetheless! :)

Joanne said...

Awww similair situation here. we have had some sunny days lately and that has cleared off some snow . we are expected more of the white stuff this week ugh more shoveling! stay warm. Blessings, Joanne