Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birthday Fun

Chloe had a birthday weekend...instead of only one day.
Which I believe, she kind of liked...a lot.
It started on Friday.  I took lunch and flowers to her at school and ate with her in the cafeteria.  It was so much fun for both of us to have lunch at school together.  
It continued Saturday after ice-skating lessons.  We had some Chloe and Mommy only time while everyone napped.  It was super nice to be just the two of us.  We decided to play some board games.  (We tried Battleship.)
Saturday night Matt and I took the Beauties to the famous Chuck E. Cheese.  WOW.  It was an experience.  The Beauties had a great time.  Which made it worth the experience. 
 Chloe had her choice of dinner today...she chose her favorite pizza place downtown.  It's called Mesa.  They have the incredible mac-n-cheese pizza, which of course was Chloe's pick.  Grandma Val and Grandpa Dave, Ande and Haley came down to celebrate with us.  After dinner we headed to the yogurt shop.  We even sang happy birthday over yogurt.
Next stop, Grandma Pam and Poppy's house.  Grandma made Chloe a cake, her favorite flavor, vanilla.  Happy Birthday of course was sung and she finally got to blow out her birthday candles.  We celebrated the evening away.
Happy Birthday Chloe!

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