Sunday, February 26, 2012


 Jocelyn came out of the bathroom at my parents tonight with a secret.
A secret only Farrah knew.
Farrah wasn't telling anyone...except Silvie.
So comical how they were keeping the secret between the tree of them.
The secret didn't last long...
Jocelyn's tooth was loose.  I mean REALLY REALLY loose.
It's strange because she hadn't noticed it was loose until just then.  I even helped her brush her teeth this morning and didn't notice.
She decided she was going to let Big Sis the Birthday Girl help her with the very delicate removal of the first loose tooth.
Chloe sat on the counter with her, and a kleenex, trying to carefully remove the tooth. 
 After several kleenex, Daddy gave it a shot, but he couldn't get it either.
It was wiggling away and needed to come out, so she didn't swallow it.
Grandma, gave it a shot.  After two small tugs, Grandma had it.
Jocelyn was so excited.  So nervous.  And then back to excited again.  The tooth Fairy was coming to see her!
Silvie was quite upset.  Not because Jocelyn's mouth was bleeding, or because her sister had a hole where her tooth had been...but because SHE WANTED TO LOOSE A TOOTH TOO!

What a BIG GIRL!
My triplets are growing up...

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