Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

 Happy Birthday Daddy!
Hope this year is full of happiness!

What a wonderful day for a birthday.
We spent the afternoon together as a family at Lake MacBride.  We had a picnic, walked trails and visited the raptor center. 
The day was BEA-U-TIFUL.
The beauties enjoyed the fresh air, as did mommy and daddy.  There were no bugs, no other people and lot of sunshine and memories to be made.
The beauties liked this tree.  It was old and rotting, however they found it so interesting.  Farrah even found a corncob tucking inside the hollow part.  She was amazed to learn that the squirrels probably ate the kernels.
 Jocelyn smiling pretty at the raptor center.
We learned about injured birds of they eat mice...and yes, they are dead ones.
They lady working there told the beauties about the owls.  She explained she had to track how much they are fed and how much they eat.  Silvie and Chloe both wanted to pet the mice, which were dead.  The woman kindly responded with, "ask your parents."  Ummmm, no.  That answer came quickly.
 Chloe is awe.
She loves birds of prey. 
Eagles, hawks and owls are her most THAT order.
 Silvie and Chloe enjoyed the nature walk the most.
They were not ready to go and would have hiked all day.
Silvie is ready to camp.
 Jocelyn also liked the nature walk.  She wanted to see penquins though, which obviously, we saw none.  She was a bit disappointed in that.
 Little Farrah...not at all the nature type.
She was done with the hike before it began, "carry me mommy." 
"I'm tired mommy."  "Can I take my hat off mommy?"  "I'm hot mommy." 
 Daddy enjoyed his birthday very much.
Being outside with his favorite ladies in the world.
 Not much could be better than that.


Anonymous said...

It was so wonderful to see the Sugar Family at Kent yesterday. When we were walking away Corinna said, "Why are there only four Little Sugars?" "How many's enough?" "Maybe 15." I told her that I'd suggest that to you, but she thought it would be "rude because it's too personal". But anyway, you up for 11 more Little Sugars?

Sugar Mommy said...

Oh Corinna...
What a sweetie! I'm not sure I could handle 11 more!