Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday x four

 The birthday beauties.
We decided to have a joint party this year so that we could have a BIG bash.
It was a GREAT decision.  All the beauties and their guests had a fabulous time.
 Jocelyn, Chloe, Molli, Farrah and Silvie
 Silvie showing how she floats and kicks.  
She loves the water, I think she may be a mermaid.

 Farrah and Haley sitting in the "hot pool"
The beauties love the "hot pool" they spent a lot of time in it.  Which is strange to me, 
because I remember thinking the hot tub was too hot when I was a kiddo.

 Jocelyn and Molli wading.

 Oh Farrah.....

 Chloe finally comes out of the water for a picture.  YEAH!
She was nonstop under water the entire party.  So proud of her new tricks.
 Happy Birthday...take 1
 Happy Birthday...take 2
 Happy Birthday...take 3
Happy Birthday...take 4

Yes, we do sing happy birthday to EACH one of them separate.  When you share a birthday with your sisters, it is only fair that you get your own special song.  With only YOUR name sung in it.
It's much more fun that way.
I cannot believe my little babies are 8 and 5.
Time flies by.

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