Saturday, January 10, 2009

A new "trick"

I knew the day would come.
But I can say that I am so not ready for it.
Jocelyn fell out of her crib. I assume while trying to climb out.
I was cleaning up the kitchen from lunchtime.
I had laid the littlest beauties down for their nap.
They were talking and chattering, listening to and watching their carousel as they normally do at night-night time.
I hear a crash to the floor, I take off running to their room...
Jocelyn meets me at the door with tears streaming.
She seems fine. Mommy is not though. I'm freaked out. I am worried. Is this a new thing that we will be doing daily?
Is it time to move to big girl beds? Wow...I am not ready for that yet.
I wish my little beauties would stop learning naughty tricks.


Kelly said...

I would have been a touch freaked out too!! I just hope she doesn't teach the others her new "trick"!! Mayhem!!!

Scott and Jaclyn said...

aw :( I remember that stage...and how I dreaded going to "big girl" beds!

Tracey C. said...

Hey Sugar Mommy! I just found your blog through another blogger.. I know just how you feel! It happened with my daughter Isabel, the thump, the meeting at the door crying, she was fine too! But me? No way! Big girl beds for my twins? NO NO NO!! I was sooooooooooo not ready for that! The transition was hard, but it worked out ok, eventually. I was reading through your blog and your family reminds me of mine so much! I'm sure we are very different, but it is a little spooky, some of the things! Come by my blog and you can drop me an email (I have an email add on so my email isn't outright posted. I'd love to chat with you! I only have 3 daughters, (including twins), but I can relate to alot of your posts! Anyhow, it has been fun "meeting" you on your blogs!! Hope to chat one day soon!
Tracey C.

Tracey C. said...

By the way, I'm a follower now! :)

Tracey C.