Thursday, January 15, 2009

She's not old enough

Chloe and I were cuddling this afternoon. We were being silly and laughing. As she smiled I caught glimpse of one of her teeth. It looked a bit different, so I asked her to open wide and let me check it out...Chloe has a loose tooth! A very loose tooth! It wiggles and jiggles and moves all around! She is so excited about it falling out and the Tooth Fairy coming to visit her for the very first time. I have to admit...I am a little baby is really a big girl! She just seems too little to have a loose tooth.


Rachael said...

that 1st loose tooth is always a tough milestone!

Jessica said...

What a milestone, I know that my first graders get SO excited when they loose a tooth!

Tracey C. said...

Hey Sugar Mommy, I gave you an award for having such a grateful spirit in your blog! You can see it here:

thanks for sharing!
Tracey C.