Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Girls

It is truly amazing how much the triplets are talking the last few weeks. I cannot believe they will be two in just over a month! Where has the time gone? Some of the new words and phrases are...toothbrush, wawa (water), books, outside and bath. Favorite words that are heard many, many , many times throughout the day...MINE, no bite, Sissy, peas (please). They all say Jocey very well and are all working on saying Farrah (which sounds like "rah-rah", Silvie (which kind of sounds like "bill" and Chloe (which sounds like "wee". It is so cute!
They love dancing and singing (their favorite song at the moment is Single Ladies, by Beyonce. It is so funny when the song comes on, they stop whatever they are doing am get their jam on.
They have discovered mirrors and love talking to them.
Most of all they LOVE being in the buff. They run around chasing each other and naming each others body parts.
My tiny little beauties are toddlers! Yikes! I better stop blinking or they will be teenagers.
On that note...We will be registering Miss Chloe for Kindergarten this month! Wow. We have been looking into filing for a transfer of schools. Keep your fingers crossed we get her into one of the three we have it narrowed to.
Chloe is changing so much! She is loving dance and preschool. She even gets to go on a field trip next week to Papa's work. she is so excited.
She has decided she wants a unicorn (ick! I hate unicorns...they freak me out) cake for her birthday. She also is having a roller skate party with her friends. My little baby is a big girl! Yikes again!

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