Thursday, February 26, 2009


You stole my heart from the moment I learned of your precious life inside me.
How I longed for you.
The day I held you in my arms, looked into your beautiful blue eyes, I fell so deeply in love, words cannot begin to describe.
My baby. My precious, beautiful baby girl.
From the moment I first held you in my womb, we have had an incredible bond. Mommy and her girl. We spent every single day together. We learned so much together. We conquered breastfeeding and sleepless nights. We conquered gerd and ear infections. We snuggled and giggled, and sometimes we cried. Oh how I love my baby girl.
Your first birthday came! You walked at 16 months! Time flying by before our eyes.
Mommy and her girl spending days at the park or at the mall and we did have a few days when we didn't do much at all.
Your second birthday came! Another year filled with so many wonderful memories.
Just after your third birthday, you became a BIG Sissy! You were so proud. You love your baby sisters so much. It is amazing to watch you teach them all you know. You are warm and kind to them. Loving and nurturing, like a second Mommy. You always make sure they are okay.
Your fourth birthday came! I remember how we thought you had changed so much in a year. You seemed so grown up. Mommy's helper with everything. You love singing and dancing and dressing up. You love school and your friends and cousins. you have an amazing memory and are so intelligent. Smart as a whip.
Today. Today my sweet, precious baby girl is five! You are FIVE!
Where has my tiny 7lb 5oz baby girl gone? She is right here in front of my eyes! Weighing in at 34 lbs! Big blue eyes. Long, light brown tresses, cute glasses and a few freckles. She's missing a tooth. She tells me how it is sometimes. She is even enrolled for kindergarten starting this Fall! She wants to be an animal doctor and a rock star (at the same time.) She is Five! Growing up right in front of my eyes!
I cherish every moment. EVERY SINGLE MOMENT.
Happy Birthday to my Sweet Chloe!
She's precious. She's beautiful. She's loving and caring and. She is my baby girl Chloe.

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Kelly said...

So sweet!! Happy birthday chloe!! Have great weekend!@