Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strange noises from above

7:30 am.
Matt, Chloe and I asleep in bed.
Strange, happy noises are coming room the room above.
We hear an unfamiliar baby crying on the monitor, what seems to be a new born baby. "That's not one of the beauties" I state in my normal morning fog.
I walk slowly in my morning stagger with Chloe by my side to the triplets room.
Giggles and chattering coming from the other side of the door.
Slowly I open it, Jocelyn meets me at the door with a big grin, "Hi Momma!"
She then b-lines back to her crib and proceeds to attempt to climb back in. "In? In Momma?" Yes, she climbed out of the crib, it's official, she is free!
The room was strewn with clothing from the dresser, ponytail holders, and pacifiers. The monitor turned to a new frequency (hence the unfamiliar cry we were picking up.)
Inside the cribs with Farrah and Silvie with a mixed assortment of before mentioned items.
All three happy little larks.
Is it time to remove the cribs?
If so, heaven help me.

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