Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Feet and Panties

Things are rolling along around here.
The Beauties have discovered tv.
Happy Feet is now showing at our house. It begins every 2 hours or so. They LOVE this movie. They watch it and watch it and watch it. They could care less about Elmo anymore, they just want the "pingos" The know the movie forward and back and know all the parts and tell each other what is coming. If you haven't seen it, you should. It is really cute and the message is great too. Mumble is different and proves that it is okay to be unique and different.

Potty training has been very successful. The Beauties are in big girl panties from when they wake until nite-nite time. We have had very few accidents. We even went to Grammy and Papas yesterday and no one had to go on the way. I am so proud of them...and myself too! I keep thinking about all the money we will save on diapers...however...that money will now go towards the water bill. Why, you ask...because the beauties find flushing the potty on the very top of their "fun things to do" list.

Oh and the gate...the one that kept them out of the kitchen...broke...I am ready to buy another one. After 2 weeks without it, I have realized how much I hate them having free reign of that room. They get in the drawers, climb the table, open the refrigerator and the freezer, not to mention take things out of fore mention appliances. They scoot chairs to the sink and play in the water (another new trick that will increase the water bill) and don't forget my personal favorite, putting the kitty food into the water dish. They it swells up as in absorbs the water. Nasty.

In a nutshell...that has been life for the last week. I'm tired.

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