Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am the coolset Mommy ever

Before we decided to go for some fresh-air therapy.

Seems like the fresh air therapy is working wonders.

I think she looks beautiful...but sick...not so much.

Playing in the leaves makes any cold symptom better.

We even chased "evil kitty" for a bit.

Miss Chloe has been home from school the last two days. She has a sore throat and a cough that makes her sound like a momma seal. She has been running a fever on and off since Saturday, which is the main reason for her absence from school. They advise to keep kids home until they have been fever free for more than 2 hours. She probably could have gone. However, I am not going to be "that Mom" the one who sends her kid to school sick, infecting all the other kids with their icky germs. So...she stayed home.
I will also add, that when I was a kid, staying home meant that you laid on the couch or in bed and that you acted...well...sick. If you were well enough to run were well enough to go to school.
That being said...the beauties have been stir crazy. So have I. A bad case of the "cabin-fevers." Due to the unseasonably warm weather, it has been in the seventies the last two days, we escaped to the yard yesterday...
shhh. Don't tell.

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Mudge said...

Poor Chloe! We got cabin fever when we had to stay home for 4 days in a row, too. Looks like the fresh has done wonders. Hope you get to go back to school soon, sweetie! Love, Auntie Molly (do you remember me!??!)