Saturday, February 27, 2010

Slumber Party

For Chloe's birthday she asked to have a few friends come over to stay over night.  They had pizza and grapes.  For the birthday treat it was cookies and ice cream.  After that we did a little dancing.  Chloe picked our nail polish for each friend and her little sisters, so we gathered in a circle and did up some mani/pedis.  They loved it.  Everyone sat so still.  Auntie Molly even commented on how still the triplets were.  Still ONLY because they LOVE the polished nails.
At about 9:30 (two hours after normal) the triplets said nite-nite and went to bed.  Chloe and friends settled in to watch a princess flick.  All struggled on the floor they giggled and talked.  It was really cute.  They were up until very close to midnight.  When they were all snoring away, I went downstairs and crawled into bed.  Chloe came down to our room about 2:30.  (I couldn't believe she lasted so long.)  At about 4:30 I sat straight up in bed to hear a loud obnoxious pounding coming from upstairs...I took off running upstairs and found little girls beating on the bedroom and bathroom doors...yes the triplets room being one of those doors.  "Girls!  What on earth are you doing?  PLEASE do NOT wake up the triplets, PLEASE.  They were "not tired anymore" although I thought they looked pretty tired.  There was no more sleeping after that.  Triplets up by 5:15.  It is 10:30 now...all the kiddos that do not belong to me have been returned to their Mommies.  Whom I feel bad for right now, because if their kids are as crabby as the beauties are, well, I just feel bad.
All in all it was a fun night!  They all got along great (which I was more worried about than the sleeping) they were good at sharing and taking turns and there were no major disasters.  Which is good.  Not sure when the next over-nighter will be hosted here....but maybe someday.  Maybe.

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