Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Days are kinda fun Mommy

Remember how great snow days when you were a kid?
We made some winter memories today.
We were ALL home together today. Which is a VERY RARE occasion.
We "bribed" the Beauties and told them "If you do not take a nap, we are not going outside to play in the snow." After a great nap (for all of us) we bundled from our heads to our toes, found the sleds, and headed to the Winter Wonderland. The girls enjoyed being outside, eating snow, making angels and sledding. After thirty minutes the triplets were finished. Amazing how the mood can change so quickly. I will also say that it took longer to put all the snow gear on than we actually spent outside. Still worth it. Every minute.
We went in, un-bundled and watched Daddy shovel and blow snow, Chloe "helped" too. Snow blowers...they never get boring to toddlers.
We all agree...Snow Days ARE Fun.

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