Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coloring Beauties

There were four dozen eggs dyed at our house tonight.  Truthfully...they would have been happy to have done four dozen "each."  They were as happy as little larks and in their artistic glory making their beautiful creations tonight.  We have tie dyed shirts and fingers too, but, the eggs turned out fantastic!
Now I have to figure out how to break the news to them that we will have to crack the shells and use them for something.  Not sure that will be easy.  I'm guessing not very well, as they adore their Easter Eggs.  They even had to check on them twice before getting ticked into bed.  So sweet.
I think we should color eggs all year long.  It's inexpensive entertainment.  A little messy.  (Not as messy as playdoh, if you ask me.)  They spent the entire evening dipping and re-dipping to see how many different color combinations they could make.  We have a rainbow assortment stinking up the refrigerator, in fact, they are taking over the entire house.
Happy Easter!

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