Thursday, April 28, 2011

A hunting they did go

The hunt is on...
Farrah was the mastermind of the hunt.  She went the opposite way of the other three.  Smart girl.  She takes after her momma.
Silvie is on the look out...for orange eggs.
If Silvie found a purple egg, she delivered it to Jocelyn's bucket.
If Silvie found a green egg, she delivered it to Farrah's bucket.
If Silvie found a blue egg, she delivered it to Chloe's bucket.
What a sweetheart.
She was so upset that her sisters were not bringing the orange eggs that they collected to her bucket.
Jocelyn's bucket is almost full.
Jocelyn finds the first golden egg.
Chloe happy as can be with her bucket of eggs.  Still looking for her golden egg.
Chloe and Daddy with her Golden egg.  So proud.
Papa helping Jocelyn find a special purple egg.
What's gonna work?  Teamwork.
The beauties hunted 230 eggs between the four of them.  They would have hunted all day.  They had a grand time frolicking through the yard, collecting and searching and then researching to make sure they didn't miss any.  When they were all finished, they sat in Grammy and Poppy's living room and sorted their loot.  Making sure everyone had the "same" things.  They were very good at trading and sharing.

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